Pillow Talk

She impales a sapphire encrusted silver loop through her earlobe, and then glides red lipstick across puffy lips. Black stockings constrict a pair of pale legs while she perches on stilettos.


He’s already passed out. Half empty bottle on the nightstand…same infomercial that’s been on for the past hour…drool spills onto his shoulder, absorbing into the fabric of his half-buttoned shirt. She wiggles the remote from his hand and turns up the volume on the television. (more…)

You Can’t Drink It Away

He drank heavily.  Forget who you are and what you’ve done. Keep your eyes down and don’t look at it.

His plan failed. The full moon mocked him as he stumbled outside; his head spinning and his claws scraping the ground. He growled at a pink elephant in the distance.


Season of Death / Ashen Field Pestilence



Ashen Field


A twisting black ribbon glides through the air, its shape changing to the whim of
countless pests. Darren wipes his mouth and evicts flies sipping from saliva.


“…I don’t think so. Not this time.”


He impales a shovel into the dirt — sweat drips onto the rusted spade while Darren
heaves dry soil over his shoulder.


A calloused hand glides across his brow, and then pulls a stalk of rotten corn out
of the ground. Sweat rolls down his forehead and drips into his eyes…a blurry silhouette
approaches while flies orbit Darren’s cranium. (more…)

Drown In A Personal Ocean of Serpents





Shrieking Poets: Cauldron of Hate


Pour in your frustrations.
Add a drop of your fears.
Frog legs and cricket wings,
Beetle brains and butterfly heads,
Take the wooden spoon,
churn, churn, churn—
The Cauldron of Hate.


Mutterings of Frankenstein

Frankenstein Illustration By Poet Rummager





Shrieking Poets: Silent Wings

Poem by Poet Rummager


Nightmare on silent wings,

extinguished a candle.

Brushing back strands of her hair,

it gazed at the sleeping face –

so peaceful.


Monster Theory: Inside The Maw


Close your eyes.


A disembodied voice whispers: Imagine a monster.


What did you see? Chances are your mental projection looked like some kind of toothy anatomical creature.


That image has been burned into our sub-consciousness ever since cave tigers tore our ancestors into edible fleshy ribbons. (more…)

Monster Manifestation: Sebastian Harshly


Welcome to another edition of Monster Manifestation! The Monstotron 9000 85-MC has a second lever that wasn’t mentioned during our last monstrous experimentation. This lever produces a breed of monster known as a—Slasher.


No need to burn our hands with volatile acids and caustic chemicals when creating this breed of monster. For some reason these deathly entities are able to manifest on their own from within the confines of the Monstotron 9000 85-MC. The hellish physics that goes into making a slasher hasn’t been experienced since the birth of our universe. (more…)

Fearology: The Wretched Gut


Your breath shortens as sweat build upon your skin. A hole opens up in your stomach as an unsettling numbness radiates through your body.


We’ve all felt the symptoms of fear at some point in our lives. The flight or fight response is responsible for these feelings—consider it a valuable curse from our sympathetic nervous system. In Fear: The Paradox of Mortality; the article discusses a personal fear that may develop over the sensations of fear, causing someone to be an unnecessary victim of circumstance.



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