Monster Theory: Inside The Maw


Close your eyes.


A disembodied voice whispers: Imagine a monster.


What did you see? Chances are your mental projection looked like some kind of toothy anatomical creature.


That image has been burned into our sub-consciousness ever since cave tigers tore our ancestors into edible fleshy ribbons. (more…)

Monster Manifestation: Sebastian Harshly


Welcome to another edition of Monster Manifestation! The Monstotron 9000 85-MC has a second lever that wasn’t mentioned during our last monstrous experimentation. This lever produces a breed of monster known as a—Slasher.


No need to burn our hands with volatile acids and caustic chemicals when creating this breed of monster. For some reason these deathly entities are able to manifest on their own from within the confines of the Monstotron 9000 85-MC. The hellish physics that goes into making a slasher hasn’t been experienced since the birth of our universe. (more…)

Fearology: The Wretched Gut


Your breath shortens as sweat build upon your skin. A hole opens up in your stomach as an unsettling numbness radiates through your body.


We’ve all felt the symptoms of fear at some point in our lives. The flight or fight response is responsible for these feelings—consider it a valuable curse from our sympathetic nervous system. In Fear: The Paradox of Mortality; the article discusses a personal fear that may develop over the sensations of fear, causing someone to be an unnecessary victim of circumstance.



Fearology: The Paradox of Mortality


It’s a paradox that fear has the ability to preserve life, while at the same time causing it to prematurely deteriorate into perpetual death.


Everyone has been paralyzed by fear at some point in their life. A hideous phobia has the potential to put someone’s mortality at risk, even though that same fear normally provides a motivation to preserve life.  Muscles lock, sweat drips into eyes, heartbeat increases in tempo; the saturation of adrenaline wrenches the gut, and shallows our breath—and that’s if everything goes well.


Monster Manifestation: Flesh Stalker


Welcome to Monster Manifestation: a nightmarish experimentation where monstrosities are born and pieced together to unleash a little hell upon humankind!


First, allow me to introduce you to the Monstotron 9000 85-MC; a forsaken technology that allows monstrous entities to manifest with a simple pull of a lever….and some noxious chemistry. No one knows for sure who built this machine, they say engineers who constructed it are not of this galaxy.


Anatomy of Fear: Dissection


What would happen if I took fear, lied it upon an examination table and sliced it open?


What would spill out?


There’s a reason why people are haunted by fear; the shadowy mechanics involved are subtle, but discernible. We’ve all been scared or attempted to bend the shutter of a spine to our will. (more…)

Fearology: Death’s Attraction


What is it about someone’s possible untimely death that we can’t turn away from? What is it about a particular threatening event that summons a crowd? Some say the possibility of death is more exciting than any stunt, although people seldom admit it.


From the perspective of the one that puts their life on the line, is it thrill alone that motivates? Or the thrill of constantly keeping death away at arm’s length? Spectators are given a dose of exhilaration when they witness someone preserve their mortality.


Monster Theory: Faces in the Mirror


What is horror? Is it blood ‘n’ guts? Confrontation with the unknown? A forceful perspective on mortality? In a way; the face of horror fractures into many faces.


Horror doe’s not affect everyone the same: Some people flinch at the sight of blood, while others are unimpressed by its redden nature. Some people are stricken with vertigo, while others thrive on it. Some people cry at shadows that creep across their bedroom wall, while others investigate with a baseball bat.



Slasher Theory: The Killer Within


What is it about a blade wielding maniac that we love to hate?


A simple knife has the potential to transform anyone into a slasher; a breed of monster that culls those around them with the edge of a blade. You’ve seen them portrayed in movies, literature, games—the proverbial stalker in shadows that wants nothing more than to cut you from ear to ear.



Monster Theory: Tooth & Claw


A very simple question, yet difficult to answer: What is a monster?


At first glance, it’s easy; a monster is a type of tangible/non-tangible entity that has sharp-tipped appendages and a mouth full of teeth. True, not every monster fits this rigid description. Generally, this hypothetical monster has some sort of distinctive, outward appearance to the point where we could point and definitively say: “Yeah, that’s a damn monster.”



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