Slasher Theory: The Killer Within


What is it about a blade wielding maniac that we love to hate?

A simple knife has the potential to transform anyone into a slasher; a breed of monster that culls those around them with the edge of a blade. You’ve seen them portrayed in movies, literature, games—the proverbial stalker in shadows that wants nothing more than to cut you from ear to ear.

Usually, a knife is not all that fearful. Everyone has a drawer full of them, some diabolically massive. However, that simple tool, when in the hand of a constricted grip, manifests into an inanimate monster.

On the outside, a slasher can be the most ordinary person in the world: pleated slacks, button down shirt, charismatic grin, polished shoes. But maybe not, perhaps they’re gaunt, dirty and reclusive. Or they could be the pinnacle of beauty that baits every man’s (or woman’s) lustful desire.


A slasher has the potential to embody anyone



When is the last time you been cut by a knife?

The occasion didn’t have to cause the need for stitches or even a bandage. Everyone is familiar with a blade’s unforgiving edge. We’re aware of the pain and red that spills when our flesh is unstitched—respect for the blade is forged at an early age.

When is the last time you saw a monster?

Something that truly embodies your definition of what a monster is. For some, they witness monsters everyday in the form of abusers. However, for the sake of the argument; let’s restrict the definition to something that has actual teeth and claws or some other otherworldly physiology.

Now the occurrence becomes more rare, if ever. Yet, despite this, I’m sure you have access to a knife.

The point is: no matter how fictional a monster can be, a knife will always be real, even in fictional situations. The personal connection that’s forged with a blade becomes a lifelong relationship devoted to not being cut. And when someone raises a knife above their head; we know what it feels like before the laceration takes place.


No one forgets when their kissed by a knife; a slasher forces this intimacy upon their victim.



In a way; the horror is the knife, not necessarily who’s holding it. Without an edge, would any self-proclaimed psycho be nearly as fearful? Doubtful.

Any personal connection that’s involved with the knife, also is involved with the person wielding it. They think, talk, feel, eat, shit, smoke: You know what a slasher is capable of because in a way, they’re you.

Everyone has been animated by anger at some point in their life; the feeling of veins incinerated by heat of frustration. I’m sure you’ve calculated a particular situation step-by-step in attempt to see all the angles before any are solidified into actuality. I’m sure you’ve done things for an unreasonably cheap thrill.

A slasher is devoted to:

  • Feeling
  • Reason
  • Calculation
  • Desire

We all can relate to a slasher in one or another (whether we like it or not).

There’s something to be said about someone who wants to get up close and personal when severing the threads of life. Death is not good enough for a slasher; they have to experience the process moment by moment until all vital essence is drained from their victim.

Every slasher has their psychosis that pulls them around as if they’re on a leash. We may not be able to fully understand what dictates their thirst to kill, but our humanly sympathetic bridge that connects us all together, enlightens shadows of obscurity.

In the end; what separates a slasher from a monster is the reflection seen in your mirror.




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