Monster Manifestation: Sebastian Harshly


Welcome to another edition of Monster Manifestation! The Monstotron 9000 85-MC has a second lever that wasn’t mentioned during our last monstrous experimentation. This lever produces a breed of monster known as a Slasher.

No need to burn our hands with volatile acids and caustic chemicals when creating this breed of monster. For some reason these deathly entities are able to manifest on their own from within the confines of the Monstotron 9000 85-MC. The hellish physics that goes into making a slasher hasn’t been experienced since the birth of our universe.

Go ahead, pull down the Monstotron 9000 85-MC’s left side lever! Step back and admire its violent shakes and sourly red smoke.

The Monstotron 9000 85-MC convulses in a low shriek while it’s metal strains to contain the brewing storm within. Orange lights excavate out through fractures that radiates tenuous gas into a green glow. The door drops open to reveal a shadowy figure outlined in veiled obscurity:


Sebastian Harshly



Outwardly Symbols


At first glance, anyone can tell something disturbs Sebastian Harshly. His slouched, uncaring posture, and greasy hair tells the story. The deep circled pits under his eyes forebodes a strained life. Some people emit a odorless stench that triggers our sense of prejudice; an identity that portrays our standard vision of someone we need to avoid.

Average weight and height, Sebastian Harshly navigates life with an unassuming nature. Despite his rough appearance, he’s able to blend into society through subtle action. Sebastian Harshly is able to be a spectator at a sporting event, enjoy the latest summer blockbuster movie, meander through parades, meander through carnivals, drink at the bar—it doesn’t matter—Sebastian Harshly will blend in.

Sebastian Harshly doesn’t convey emotion. Equipped with a steady stare, his face is a blank canvas which you imprint your own assumptions. Tar pits for pupils, not every eye is the window to someone’s soul, sometimes they’re gateways into a place that is amorphously loathsome.


Inside the Mind


Sebastian Harshly is a classic sociopath—he doesn’t need a reason to kill; the process is what satisfies him. Only through the act itself is he set free, not by fulfilling a revenge scheme or because of some sadistic philosophy. What is responsibly for Sebastian Harshly’s lack of sympathy? What is responsible for his desire to have his blade coated red?

Perhaps it is a degenerative disease or some kind of parasite that has taken up residence in his cerebral cortex.

The sanctuary of his brain has been excavated by worms that are not yet described by science. It’s only a matter of time before all his thoughts are digested into babbling incoherency. In the mean time, how many people will have their mortal coil severed by the edge of his blade? As many as Sebastian Harshly damn well pleases.


In the Paper


Now that Sebastian Harshly has been unleashed into the public; let’s crack open a paper and see what kind of hell he raised. On page 9a; an article titled:Man Brutally Stabbed in Jade Dragon

The article reads: “…A man waiting in line at Jade Dragon has been reported to have enticed an argument due to lack of fortune cookies that was supposed to be included in an order of egg rolls. A cook tried to intervene, but was repeatedly stabbed during the conflict…”

Only Sebastian Harshly would dirty his blade due to lack of fortune cookies.

On page 5b; an article titled: Game Over for Gamer at Local Arcade

The article reads: “…On Saturday around 7:30 pm, a disgruntled gamer has been observed vandalizing a pinball machine. A patron tried to stop the conflict, but was slaughtered with uncountable amounts of stabs. He died on the scene before paramedics could arrive…”

Lack of self-control is a deadly symptom of his psychosis. The ferocious, incomprehensible murder can only be accomplished by a slasher known as Sebastian Harshly.


The Encounter


Lights from the pinball machine ignited into the atmosphere as colored pulses of illumination bordered a sign that read—THUNDER CLASH! It blinked on and off in a barrage of azure illumination.

Sebastian Harshly strolled across the arcade while he sipped through a straw that impaled down into a Styrofoam cup. It’s filled with warm flat beer that he discovered next to a trashcan.

Sebastian Harshly stood in front of THUNDER CLASH! hypnotized by its continual flash of light. He pats his jeans for a quarter, and popped one into the narrow slot. The machine rattles as a voice screams: YOU DISTURBED THE STORM! PREPARE TO BE THUNDER CLASHED!

He takes a sip of his warm beer, eyes widened into blackened bulged orbs. Sebastian Harshly pulled back the hammer and it collided with a silvered ball that sent it along a corridor toward a cumulonimbus cloud. The ball chaotically bounced along buffers that sparkled purplish red with each strike.

Without comprehensible reason; the silvered ball ricocheted straight down the middle and into the gutter.

GAME OVER! Cascaded across the marquee as lightning bolts streaked across the screen. Sebastian Harshly, fingers still rested on the flappers, felt his gut open up into an abyss. His hand crashed through the pinball machine’s glass top in a repeated rhythm that sends shards into the atmosphere above his head.

“Hey, loser! Game over means game over! Take a hike!”

Sebastian Harshly heard the advise, but didn’t give the person who said it the respect of knowing what they looked like before he drew his folding knife clipped on his belt. Rage blinded him as eventual exhaustion granted him visual clarity in time to see a fillet of flesh in the shape of a teenager. He picked up his warm beer, and strolled out of the arcade.

A voice emitted from THUNDER CLASH: 5…4…3…2…1…GAME OVER!




Are there any traits about Sebastian Harshly that I have missed? Or have you encountered Sebastian and would like to share your personal anecdote? Share your horror!



Published by Dead Donovan

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