Monster Theory: Inside The Maw


Close your eyes.

A disembodied voice whispers: Imagine a monster. What did you see? Chances are your mental projection looked like some kind of toothy anatomical creature.

That image has been burned into our sub-consciousness ever since cave tigers tore our ancestors into edible fleshy ribbons. Humanity fears anything that involves a mouth full of teeth.

After all…our lives may depend on it.

Every predator needs a way to tear a living entity into edible pieces. Evolution came up with a damn good solution to the problem: a mouth. And it just so happens biologically engineered mouths are littered with strange geometric shapes: teeth.

We all know what it feels like to be within the maw of a monster (even if our flesh is still intact).

Our ancestors were hunted by blood thirsty beasts, and the lesson of being chewed apart was instilled inside us all.

Why else would we flinch when we see some poor bastard being chomped to pieces? Blood ‘n’ guts may coat the scenario with unsightly gore, but our sympathy reminds us of our own mortality.

What better way to be reminded, then to see a maw full of teeth, or someone being chewed into delicious bits?

Literature and other forms of expression continued this instinctual drama…creatures crawled out of the womb of our fears: vampires, werewolves, dragons—they all have something in common—teeth.

These monsters of ancient lore pull at our instinctual heart-strings, releasing a primal note of fear that reminds us what it’s like to be inside the monster’s maw.



Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

22 thoughts on “Monster Theory: Inside The Maw

    1. Thanks! I created SlasherMonster a few years ago. You’re more than welcome to submit a story, photograph, poem, or piece of art (horror related material). SlasherMonster is going to be an online ezine, and a new issue will be published electronically every few months or so.

      If you’d like to contribute to SlasherMonster, then feel free to contact me:

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      1. I have another one from my earlier posts called Bro’, You Heavy that might also be fitting. Can you reblog it from my post? Along with those other two I mentioned? I will submit another one later on down the road. Interesting invitation cuz I was just thinking of writing a shirt horror piece too! BTW, I am still going to do that rap I told you about. Perhaps I can make into a more intense and “scary” if you will in fact really sing it or rap it with music and all?

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  1. Hello! i just wanted to tell you thank you SO much for checking out my post “For We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood But Against Memetics and Mind Viruses”( It means the world to me that you took the time to appreciate it and I guess it must’ve resonated enough with you to deserve a “like”. Thank you! Wonderful blog you have by the way! I’d be honored and humbled if you’d follow me. I’ll definitely check out more posts of yours and follow you back!

    All the best,

    Christopher Michael

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  2. A great site.
    I hope it all goes well.
    And I would definitely like to contribute.
    If you’ll have me. 💀💀💀

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