Grave Digging

Poem By AJ O’Brien

Illustration By Poet Rummager

I awake within a black box
beneath sacred soil.
My heart hits a beat –
tiny tunnels fill with blood,
beginning to flow and boil.
I claw my way out
and happily arise
within a graveyard dark,
surrounded by the dead
and forgotten goodbyes.


I hunger for your pain
as I look upon my empty grave.
Wish me well, lover
for its you, sweetheart
my teeth do crave.
I dance toward your screams
beneath a fractured moon.
Lock your doors and windows,
my evil angel,
for I shall be there soon.


Poem By AJ O’Brien

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AJ O’Brien 2016©






Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

28 thoughts on “Grave Digging

        1. You never know until you try it! I’ve been resting in peace for many years now, and it ain’t too bad. The chicks dig me (literally; they dig me up from the ground, and we have some filthy fun!) 😀

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  1. This classic poem gives me such a rush! I can imagine a shrunken heart filling up with blood so the lovers can be reunited. Something tells me, though, that the meeting won’t be very romantic 😀

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  2. I wouldn’t want to be in Evil Angel’s shoes…I have a feeling he hasn’t clawed his way out of the grave for a romantic evening of dinner, dancing, and whatever. 🙂 Me thinks a little blood might flow.
    I love Alan’s work; he’s the king of poetic darkness.

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