Photograph by Paula Graham

He leaps down the halls.

The decay inside his brain

reflects on the walls.







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Paula Graham 2016©

RoseMonsterPoem By Poet Rummager





Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

34 thoughts on “Decay

    1. Decay can stick to you like a bad omen that’s why you need to leap around and shake it off if you can (maybe dancing with your friend’s wife might help)! Ha!! Unfortunately, though, it gets stuck to the walls.

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  1. Creepy photo and poem. Reminds of that Twilight Zone episode where the guy let’s the devil out of the cell, and each time he passes through an arch he changes gradually from someone who looks like a hobo into SATAN!

    I don’t know why I typed in all caps. It seemed appropriate.

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  2. Could decay = happiness? Joy incongruous in such troubled times that makes people shake their heads when he smiles? Smile? Dance? Laugh? Why, he must be mad!

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