Illustration By Poet Rummager

Poem By Phoenix Risen 

Oh, dark spirit, old and wise –
hearken unto me this night.
Give me thine ear, if only for a moment –
that thou might relieve me of my plight.

Look thou upon me in mine hour of despair,
for a woman hath beset me.
Another dark spirit like unto thee.
She is tempestuous, yet my desire is she.

Wherefore doth thou trouble me, oh, human?
Thou art but an insect unto me –
a rag doll to be consumed at my leisure.
What careth I for thee or thy pleasure?

Hath a dark spirit come unto thee?
A sister of mine own dark spawn.
A succubus to drain thee of thy will.
Let her be a plague from morning till dawn.

Go to now, oh, dark one, grant unto me one request.
For thy favor I offer a great gift.
Let thy smile rest upon me and I shall be his.
This spirit hath beset me; I ask only for release.

Let thy favor rest upon me, oh, dark lord.
To thee I offer my greatest treasure.
It is mine to give from my own hand.
I offer my own soul in perfect measure.



 By Phoenix Risen

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Phoenix Risen 2016©



Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

18 thoughts on “Supplication

  1. Thank you so much for posting my poem!
    It is an honor to be here on Slasher Monster!! The illustration is awesome!
    You guys rock!!

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