In Our Box

I want to be buried with you.

I don’t want to wait until we die.                                                                   BoxCoupleTcard2

In our small box,

we can lie

on top of each other

so close that your ribs press into mine

every time you take a breath –

every time you move against me.    

Our eyes will never adjust to the darkness.

We will fumble forever with beginner’s hands.

My breath will be your breath.

In our cemetery, we’ll have neighbors

who are silent –

who never bother us.

I will place my feet

under the soles of your feet

to warm them,

and we will never be cold.



By Charles Payne

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Charles Payne 2016©

Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

25 thoughts on “In Our Box

  1. I think having a place where neighbors won’t bother me would be prime real estate. I like being cozy but having to share a tiny coffin isn’t exactly paradise to me. Still, I loved this poem by Chuckie (Crow) who is a poet, not timid exploring the places we only usually visit in our nightmares. Superb poetry, Chuck!


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  2. “I will place my feet

    under the soles of your feet

    to warm them,

    and we will never be cold.”

    These lines sold me! I hate cold feet, so if being crammed in a casket with Brad Pitt is the way it has to be, then I guess I can make that supreme sacrifice 😀

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