Take This Light And Find The Horror Inside You

Surch Sea Monster Illustration By Poet Rummager


Everyone is capable of horror—even you.

Awaken your fear. Everyone is like horrific snowflakes. Some people are repelled by blood, or deep water. A few kids are afraid of the things that slither underneath their bed. Not everyone who owns a nightlight wants to banish the dark…they just want to know where the monsters aren’t hiding.

You must look your fear in the eyes and venture where the dark refuses to be banished.

This is horror—your horror.

Express the journey. Individuals who keep their eyes on the light will never understand. Relive your fear and remind everyone what they’re afraid of.


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Published by Dead Donovan

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10 thoughts on “Take This Light And Find The Horror Inside You

  1. I like the idea of everyone being horrific snowflakes. How would I look like as a monster snowflake? Perhaps each point would be very sharp, so those silly people trying to catch snowflakes with their tongue would bleed each time they pulled that stunt on me. Haha!! Yes, I’d like to be a horrific snowflake. ❄️ 🔪

    Oh, Surch looks so handsome in your picture. You found the perfect place for him. 🔦

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  2. *****************************************I don’t need no stinking night light************************************
    My horrors are more apt to appear in the day light than to come out in the dark of night.
    “Not everyone who owns a nightlight wants to banish the dark…they just want to know where the monsters aren’t hiding.”

    I need my night light so that if I have actually gone to bed by then I won’t kick a skunk at 3 am when I get up to pee. Yet I’m apt to think the Rougarou is more than just a bug-a-boo. Or my almost nightly horrific thought just before I finally drift off to the place where horror really does exist…”Oh hell, I bet I’m going to wake up tomorrow”. ~~dru~~

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      1. Yup, those nasty little buggers use the cat doors at night and a couple are almost becoming pests….no wait…I meant pets! I’ve only been “skunked” once and that was because two of ’em where inside and I only saw one so as I was chasing that one out….I use chase figuratively…I actually really sort of walk them out…anyway I passed one that was in a cul-de-sac in the walk through pantry and because he couldn’t run he used his natural passive/aggressive defense.

        Skunks live very well in urban areas and will give you fair warning before “skunking” if not chased into an inescapable position. Cats and Skunks don’t give a shit about each other and while Skunks get mad but not really aggressive a Raccoon will share the cat food dish with a Skunk. The Raccoon will just sit facing away from the Skunk and reach behind him into the dry cat food dish and just grab a bitty or two at a time and bring it ’round to its mouth and nibble. Skunk cousin will pound his front paws and sometimes even back feet but after awhile just gives up and eats mouth first from the kitty bitty dish ignoring the unaffected Raccoon too. ~~dru~~

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        1. I don’t encounter too many skunks. There are numerous raccoon gangs where I live, though.Many animals can share a peaceful existence with each other, in fact — most animals do, especially insects.



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