Guess The Monster Part: Spiky Thing


The game has ended—scroll and the monster will be revealed!


Say…you have horns and a tail, right? Perhaps you know a thing or two about real monsters! Let’s play a little guessing game, shall we?


The rules are very simple:


  1. Study the monster part photograph

  2. Leave a comment and tell everyone what you think the monster part is

  3. Be specific! Guess the species (and part)


The post will be updated in 24 hours and the answer will be revealed! If you can successfully guess what the monster part is before 24 hours expires, then you’ll be granted the winner, and the monster will be revealed.


All winners are encouraged to send their darkest creative work to:


A link to your website or blog will also be placed within the post—announcing the winner of this game.

saywhatumean2say guessed cricket and is the winner!

Crickets are in the same order as the monster (Orthoptera)





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24 thoughts on “Guess The Monster Part: Spiky Thing

      1. Lol! I can read scary stories all night long and sleep like a baby, but when I watch a horror movie or see a scary photograph, it really affects me. I’m exaggerating regarding the cool monster part photo you’ve posted. It’s not that scary!


  1. The Front Leg of a FEMALE Praying Mantis…..well you know the rest. Not particularly a scary monster to me but them I’m not a Male Praying Mantis.

    “Come lay with me and we will all the pleasures find….
    and then I’ll eat your head with Fave beans and wine.


    Liked by 2 people

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