An Incident on Bernard Boulevard


Traversing Bernard Boulevard at night,
she longed to escape her loneliness.
An effulgence of light illuminated from the sky and lifted her off the pavement.
She smiled, her arms outstretched.
Rubbing their hands together gleefully, the six-eyed aliens
from a far off galaxy, awaited the arrival of their newest female specimen.

And then she arrived.

“Okay guys, I’ve been aboard this spaceship an hour already.”
said Lorraine to the three aliens. “And let me tell you, the
place is a mess. I mean, the windows need cleaning.
The floors need sweeping. The sink in the so-called kitchen
is full of what I believe are dirty dishes.
And let’s not talk about the aromas coming from the bathroom.
Come on people. You have three pairs
Of eyes and two pairs of arms each. Start using them.”

The three aliens looked at each other –
eighteen eyes all agog.
And agreed to turn the spaceship around
and head back to earth.
“We’ll dump her and get another one.” Said Ligge.
“They can’t all be like her.”
Little did he know.


 Story Collaboration

By Alan O’Brien and Rose Perez

Alan expanded on Roses’s fifty word story, An Incident on Bernard Boulevard


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(Alien Illustration By Rose Perez)


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

31 thoughts on “An Incident on Bernard Boulevard

  1. Ah, team spirit! Thanks for always putting your best foot forward whenever SMM has these fun events. You’re one of my most favorite monsters, Alan. Hip hip hooray for Halloween and green aliens!!! 🎃👽👻

    Liked by 3 people

      1. When you say “probe” like that, it sounds like a naughty adventure. ET’s finger would definitely light up. 😳

        Wait! I know what you’re gonna say next! “ET disturbs me greatly.’ Right?


  2. Thank you Rose for the wonderful
    illustration that accompanies our piece
    of flash fiction.
    I did so enjoy expanding your work.
    It really was great fun. 😃💕😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jane.
      I’m so pleased to see you visiting SMM.
      It really is a fun site.
      Would love to see you contribute some work.
      Matt and Rose have so many great ideas
      for interaction between writers. 💖

      Liked by 3 people

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