Lock n’ Load: Aim For October’s Supermoon



Shhh…do you hear that? Listen closely…it sounds like a witch joyriding a broomstick! Which means it’s almost that special time of year again! Little slashers and monsters will soon terrorize their neighbors for a handful of artificially flavored candy corn.

Halloween is the only time of year when it’s okay to scare the shit out of someone, or shit your pants. Choose wisely.

October freakishness is not limited to Earth this year! A rare Hunter’s Supermoon possessed the night sky on October 15-16, 2016. An unknown amateur astronomer recorded strange footage, and then disappeared. Some people say all copies of the film should be melted, while other’s claim their sanity leaked out of their ears after they witnessed things beyond what a feeble intellect can comprehend.

A few individuals ran into the nearest bathroom, and at least one person shit themselves. The unlucky few are bouncing off the walls at their local loony bin.


Click the play button if you’d like to sacrifice a few minutes of your life. No big deal.


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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

27 thoughts on “Lock n’ Load: Aim For October’s Supermoon

    1. I think the shadow was a witch! Haha — good question! The moving shadows were either insects flying across the telescope lens, or bats. Thanks for watching! Did you post your Moon photograph?


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