Mother Ghoul’s Nursery Rhymes: Jack & Jill


Jack and Jill went up the hill
to make whoopie in a barn.
Jack heard licking sounds
and found a vampire sucking a goat.
Frustrated fangs tore into his throat.
Now, Jack is hungry and chasing Jill around.
Uh, oh—Jill fell down!
Mother Ghoul invites you to make your own horror nursery rhyme using Jack and Jill’s first stanza:

“Jack and Jill went up the hill…”

Please fill in the rest like Poet Rummager did in the example above — get gory, scary, or dark in the comments section! Mother Ghoul and the monsters are excited to experience your Halloween creativity with this terrorific activity!!

Illustrations by Poet Rummager


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

52 thoughts on “Mother Ghoul’s Nursery Rhymes: Jack & Jill

  1. Jack and Jill went up the hill
    To nip at Jack’s still whiskey
    In her cups, Jill looked up
    said, “This feels mighty risky.”
    Jack just laughed, but down the path
    there lurked a thirsty beast
    He crept in slow and slinky strides
    Hellbent upon his feast.
    Jill saw it’s eyes, screamed in surprise
    And ran for home full throtlle
    “You can eat Jack, I won’t look back,
    but mind you leave the bottle.”

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  2. Jack and Jill went up the hill,
    To find somewhere private to seal their love,
    But as his hands made their way down her pants,
    He found something sharp against his throat,
    And they found themselves the prisoner of a murderous billy goat,
    Jack thought that he could scare it off,
    But it sliced his throat from ear to ear,
    And it wasn’t long before Jill wished she was dead,
    As the billy goat pressed up against her and said,
    Killing Jack made me horny…

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    1. Don’t you hate when five minutes later you think of the perfect ending…

      So next time you see Jill and her kids, remember this tale of you dare,
      Because that demented billy goat, is still, somewhere out there…

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  3. Jack and Jill
    went up the hill
    searching for blood to spill.
    Spotting an easy kill
    sweet demented Jill,
    turned on her battery drill.

    His name was Phil
    he came from Brazil
    and worked at the sawmill.
    Jack held Phil still
    and Jill began to drill.
    Cried Jack, Oh what a thrill.

    And Phil’s blood did spill
    as it did fill,
    the bellies of Jack and Jill.

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  4. Jack and Jill
    Went up the hill
    With demons close behind
    Jack pushed Jill
    Back down the hill
    Her clothing, to unwind
    Jill tumbled about
    As Jack did watch
    The sacrifice now made
    A smiling Jill
    A happy Jack
    And demons, who got laid

    Couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme with made 😉

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  5. there once was a lady who knew
    all the words
    accept the word boo
    When she heard the word
    She got so
    That not only
    Did she get scared
    She shit herself too
    The Sheldon Perspective
    Oh yea boo to you
    I came late to the party

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  6. Sheldon: coming late to the party is not a crime, coming without the gin or the dip could be considered as such. You did bring the dip didn’t you? AND one can not really be late to a festival….consider my birthday. I got taken, that is taken out, for another meal last night because it was my birthday and that event actually occurred way before this party started. ~~dru~~

    GREAT MEAL TOO…..Brussels sprouts roasted in a lemon/vinegar marinade and smothered in garlic and roasted to near paper-like purrfection with pine nuts and a dash of liquid hot sauce.

    Patatas e bravas, or angry potatoes (look it up) and either fish or veggie tacos on hand-made tortillas….depending how the mood or your eating ethic strikes you… All eaten on different patterns of colorful pottery plates…chips in plates included…no free chips with meal (buy those are sold separately) BUT some damn good “unheard of wine”; just my kind.

    All consumed in an atmosphere of dark wood, primitive colors and objects and patterns, very good looking, but very casual people, and using your hands to eat out of each others’ plates…..o yeah and game 7…who sez I don’t get good present?

    Beside I have an idea or two still rattling around in my brain box regarding this particular party of Mother Ghoul’s that I’m considering “sharing” on the weekly bootastic night of Fridays, for the next little while.

    Your Friend back!.~~dru~~

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  7. You party girl, Dru! The potatoes must’ve been angry due to having to be eaten 😀 Great to hear your birthday bash was a success! Remember, you can always submit a poem or story to SMM. Looking forward to bootastic Fridays at your blog.


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