The Emerald Star


When it first appeared

like a bright star,

its origin unknown,

we wondered at its beauty

like an emerald dazzling

through the weeks and months.

The star became larger, brighter.

After a time outshining the moon.

The star, although mesmerizing

in its emerald green beauty,

was sinister in its purpose.

Humanity upon the realization,

exploded in fear and violence.

Our leaders abandoned us –

taken to their secret places –

leaving us to our doom.

Months passed in panic and chaos.

the emerald giant filled our skies –

blotting out the sun –

filling the frightened world –

with its harsh green light.

Our world came apart.

North became south.

Great earthquakes tore the planet –

reducing our cities to nothing –

removing even the tallest mountains

from their places.

Magma flowed like blood from the Earth.

The seas began to rise –

devouring entire continents,

and still the emerald giant loomed.

Death reigned in its harsh green light.

As the months passed,

our world was remade –

now only a wretched ghost

of what it once had been.

The emerald demon began to recede

as did our sun.

Night and day were shorter now

and every day colder

than the one before.

The weeks and months passed

as the sun grew smaller still,

and the Earth ceased to be

transformed into a dark

frozen wasteland

as it spun slowly into the darkness –

untethered and broken.

By Phoenix Risen

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

22 thoughts on “The Emerald Star

  1. There’s mystery in space, and it’s frightening to think of how we put our trust in the Cosmos. I enjoyed your imagination, Phoenix! Quite an epic poem. The earth does put up a solid fight; even if it ended up untethered and broken.

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  2. Hey Slasher Friends! Thank you so much for posting my story!!
    I’m sure this will happen any day now, so I’m stockpiling beer and tequila for the coming apocalypse. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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