My frail mind,
lost in a thought,
of something else,
somewhere other than here,
not this darkness,
not soaked in your blood,
a time where you smiled,
when you saw me,
how we craved each other,
setting our sins ablaze,
burning the world together,
but then you changed,
you became someone else,
and it hurt knowing that one day,
I’d have to rip out your throat,
my special one,
how we’ve come undone.


Poem by Matthew Tonks

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

12 thoughts on “Submit

  1. That was a fun piece to write, we’ve all had our hearts broken, our partners change, plans change, the world leave us in the dirt, cradling our victims as their blood soaks…. Oh, wait, that’s just a joke, really, I didn’t mean that last part!

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  2. I’ma love my turn to live and love you, MY big manster. And I’ll try to not rile your inner beast. To die at your hands would haunt me forever cause I know it would haunt you. Smooch. Goodnight.

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