Everyday Horror: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Die


Imagine you’re sitting on a rock. A vast expanse of water drowns the horizon. Warm sunshine embraces you. It’s the perfect day…and…then…

A great white shark explodes out of the water and bites you in half! What? Sharks have to eat, right? Wrong place at the wrong time.

There’s no worse horror than an unexpected death.

Some demises can be seen a mile away, while other’s creep up on you like a damnable mantis…hungry, feral, and unforgiving. Not all deaths are treated equal. Some people expire in the comfort of their bed. Unlucky individuals crash through their car windshield and splatter their beautiful brains upon the pavement.

Oh, you didn’t hear about that accident.

Did I forget to tell you that it was a bright sunny day? Because it was. Did I also forget to tell you that she was in what some would describe as a “really good mood”? Because that’s true, too.

Straight road. Only a single car. I’m sure you can guess whose car it was. Some say an armadillo crossed the road and she cut the wheel. The rest of the history is scattered upon the ground.

Sometimes we can never piece together the puzzle of death, especially when the victim is shrouded by tragedy.

Convenient scapegoats provide a false sense of understanding: she was driving too fast…the brakes didn’t work…seat-belt wasn’t engaged…a fucking armadillo crossed the road. We can sift through tragic ruins, but sometimes we only discover the reflection of our own ignorance.

It’s easy to understand mortality, but can we ever understand why something so perfect can go so wrong? Perhaps that’s the true horror.

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Published by Dead Donovan

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