Slasher Theory: The Will To Kill



A slasher’s greatest motivation is the will to kill. Without the desire to pluck victims from the garden of life—a slasher is simply an inert individual. Many kids or adults are bullied everyday, but how many people cultivate the ability to retaliate with a deadly counterattack? Some people implode inward when faced with constant negative social pressure, and some people explode like a fatal supernova.

Jason Voorhees is an example of what happens when push comes to machete.

Jason was born within the crucible of turmoil. Horny campers have better things to do than watch out for the well-being of other people, and poor Jason probably shouldn’t have gone swimming in Camp Crystal Lake. He was later presumed to have drowned, which is why Jason’s mother (Pamela Voorhes) harvested her to will to kill.

What would you do if your kid perished due to the negligence of a someone else’s behavior? Although it was later revealed that Jason Voorhees really didn’t die—he sure as hell got swept up in a continuous loop of revenge: you killed my mother, so now all of you gotta die.

Not every slasher is fueled by a need to sooth the revenge bear.




While it can’t be denied that some slashers are triggered by other stimuli—the will to kill still persists.

The internal triggers can be unique to the specific individual. Can we possibly understand why Freddy Krueger used ice cream as if it were cheese in a mousetrap, and then murder kids who happened to want a taste? The children wanted vanilla or chocolate, but the only flavor Freddy served was death.

“The Springwood Slasher” earned the right to be immolated by vengeful parents, and as fire melted the flesh from his bones, Dream Demons granted Freddy the opportunity to continue murdering teenagers, and that’s what revitalized Freddy’s will to kill.

..And what about Chucky? You know…that lovably possessed “Good Guy” who plays with big knives. Did Chucky just go around killing people without a purpose? Or was each death a morbid stepping stone which lifted him closer to his goal?  Think about it: who the hell wants to posses a doll? Certainly not the “Lakeshore Strangler”! Someone’s gotta fork over a vacant body…right?

The reason why a slasher slashes will shine a light on the hidden aspects of their dark character.

If you’re some kind of twisted individual, and, let’s face it, if you’re reading this article, then you’re certifiably twisted, which means you may create your own fictional slashers. Many horror writers concentrate on the good stuff: blood, screams, nudity (if you’re lucky), severed limbs, and, of course, death.


A fictional slasher shouldn’t be defined by their kill count, or the character will risk becoming a two-dimensional scarecrow, and that’s not very scary.

Do real people kill without a purpose? Let’s explore a few classic motives.


  • Money
  • Drugs
  • Jealousy
  • Revenge
  • Fun
  • Racism / prejudice
  • Lust, or dark perversions
  • Religious / spiritual


Many people all over the world unwillingly cashed in their life ticket due to one of those reasons. There are many possibilities tucked away inside every reason—grand microcosms filled with horrific motivation.

Jeffery Dahmer may or may not be considered a slasher, but did he wake up one sunny morning, eat a bowl of corn flakes, and then just decide to eradicate vagrants? Maybe. Maybe not.


…if a possessed doll can have a reason to kill…and if a real slasher can have a reason to kill…

…then why shouldn’t your fictional slasher? Reasons or motives grant people the ability to relate to the life behind the hockey mask. As silly as this may seem, blood is simply not enough, and shouldn’t be used as some kind of dirty punchline to a shitty joke.


And then…he killed him!

The end.



Didn’t you like the story punchline? How come you’re not laughing? Perhaps it’s because the damn story joke wasn’t funny.

No one cares if a cardboard cutout bites the big one—even if that cardboard cutout so happens to be in the shape of a human. Who was the cardboard cutout? Did they have a family? Did they do something to deserve a permanent vacation in the Netherworld? Did they? And more importantly: what kind of sick asshole did the killing? Knives don’t kill people. People kill people. Remember that.

Start with the reason, and the blood will flow. The will to kill never dies.


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13 thoughts on “Slasher Theory: The Will To Kill

  1. Ha! It was cool seeing some monsters come out and play as I read your fine article. Freddy and Chucky are always at each other’s throat, tho! Jason even had to cut them a few times to make them stop.

    Gee, slashers sure know how to have a slice of fun! 😀


  2. I don’t have a twisted personality… I read this because I love my friend Dead D and come for a social visit… I have a nice personality… Mostly ;)… And I sure agree that people kill people when they lose (or don’t know what it is) control, or when they are desperate, or when they have a twisted personality and plan it meticulously. Many reasons, but knives have nothing to do with any of them.
    Thank you for analyzing the issue xx

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    1. The article was attempting to bridge a connection between fictional characters and real motives — they’re often intertwined, but usually ignored. I think reasons or motives are capable of being more horrific than blood and gore. Thanks for reading! You’re too lovely to be twisted!

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Ah, thanks so much for your visit, Lady Inese! The monsters are always happy to see you. You’re right — even though knives are very sharp, they aren’t the masterminds behind killings. 😀

      I have brought you a fruit basket to take home with you, so you may have enough energy for all the hiking you do all over Ireland —

      Much gra! ❤


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  3. There are those who eat off of emotion
    there are those who live to be unhappy
    There are those who love to make others unhappy because they themselves are unhappy
    If an individual doesn’t have a release for their emotions
    Any and everyone becomes a target
    Sad but true
    The Sheldon Perspective

    Liked by 3 people

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