Six Word Story: The Scared Ghost…

 The scared ghost hates your mirror.

(FlyTrapMan & Poet Rummager)

Screaming is a high level orgasm.


Winged Ssssnakes were once thought beautiful.

Hiss of Ghost or Sssnake, PANIC!


Trapped ghosts escape from cracked mirrors.

(Poet Rummager)

While you weep, your reflection sneers.

(Na triobloidi)

Spectral mirrors are known to shatter.


You lie, Mirror, I’m no monster.

(Karina Pinella)

Monster devours; don’t dare, I swear.


Silly Mortal! Screaming won’t help you.

(Words and Feathers)

Your reflection; ready to devour — YOU!

(Arletta Ellington)

I whispered into silence. It answered.

Stop screaming! Please! It’s me, Mother!

My death mask didn’t portray me.

She recognized the flavor of human.


Silent cries piercing through cold glass.
Drip – drip – what? – look up! – Aarghh!
Into battle, without armour or weapons.
“Ready?” “No.” Then I push him.
Her lips creep up… and burst!

(Miss. Gentileschi)

We’d love for you to add your own six word tale to:

The Scared Ghost Snake Project!!

Place your micro-tale in the comment section below, and we’ll attach it to our Six Word Story Snake project.

Conjoined Micro-Fiction Snake Collaboration

These are the writers who contributed (in order of appearance) —

FlyTrapMan & Poet Rummager


Say What U Mean 2 Say

Poet Rummager

Na trioblóidí


Karina Pinella


Words and Feathers

Arletta Ellington


Miss. Gentileschi



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  1. “I whispered into silence. It answered.”
    “Stop screaming! Please! It’s me, Mother!”
    “My death mask didn’t portray me.”
    “She recognized the flavor of human.”

    These are so fun to come up with!

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    1. Nice ones! You had fun, and I’m so glad you took me up on the challenge. I’ll post your masterpieces soon! I just got home. Thank you very much for slithering with us monsters. 😈👻👹🐍

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      1. Thank you, FlyTrapMan. 😄 Well, to be honest, I tried to come up with something but I’m afraid they are not very scary… I should leave that to you, you’re the expert! 😄
        But I’m going to share them with you anyway 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yikes! Thanks for your stories, and I apologize for the late response. I had to temporally commit myself to other endeavors, but everything should be back to normal soon. Your creativity is always welcome!


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