Dead Eyes

Her eyes were beautiful
The color of fine jade
Deep and translucent

Her skin so soft and white
Her hair the color of fire
Her voice like sweet music

From the first time I saw her
I knew I must have her
So perfect in every way she was

She walked alone, in the dark night
Lost in her own thoughts
I was mesmerized

I followed, not too closely
But close enough to smell her scent
Sweet like Jasmine and Lavender

Through the park she went
Such a sweet fool I said to myself
I feared for her safety, so I followed

As she approached the river path
I began to draw closer
So close now I could hear her breath

Closer still I came, so quietly
I could touch her now if I chose
Yet I seemed only a shadow

And then it happened
She must have sensed me
She turned around quickly

With a scream she backed away
I mean you no harm I cried
I only seek your safety in this dark place

She continued to back away
And suddenly fell backwards
Her foot having caught a branch

She struck her head on a rock
One of the many that lined the river path
Her blood flowed black in the moonlight

I ran to her and cradled her head in my hands
It was too late, the blood flowed freely
As I looked into her eyes I could see her fade

Those eyes, those beautiful green eyes
It was as if I could see her soul leaving
I couldn’t help myself I was transfixed

I held her for a long time
Wondering what beauty those eyes now saw
What wonderous miracles they beheld

And then an idea occurred to me
Insane it seemed at first
But this thought would not leave me

If I took those lovely eyes
Could I see that beautiful place
It seemed foolish but what if I could

Her life had only just passed
There may be still time
But I would have to work quickly

I took the small knife from my pocket
I always kept it razor sharp
As was my habit

And so I went to work,
Quickly cutting out the left
And then the right

Glistening in my hand by the moon’s light
They were even more stunning
Almost glowing

Steeling myself for the next task
I took four quick breaths
And pressed the knife into my right eye

The pain was incredible, unimaginable
And yet I was not deterred
Thinking only of the other world that awaited

Dizzy with the white hot pain
I finished my task and removed the eye
I set it on the ground, soaked now with my own blood

I continued on to the left side
My brain seemed to be on fire
Only darkness before me now

Dazed and sick with the pain
I began to wretch
I felt I would succumb to the darkness

I pressed on, my dream almost realized
I found her eyes where I had left them
Laying upon her breast, now cold and lifeless

I took the eyes, one in each hand
And slowly pressed them into the voids
Of where mine had been

The darkness took me at last
I slept, cold and dreamless
For how long I do not know

And then I saw it
A light, seemingly far away
The color of this light I cannot describe

As the light drew closer
I saw a shape in the center
Like a man, but different, disconnected

As the light drew closer still, I saw others
Not men but something else
Shapes, moving, like thick smoke

As they approached me I heard voices
But not like the voices of men
Like the sound of screaming under water

I cannot explain it, there are no words for it
The strange light enveloping me
The smoky beings surrounding me

Was this what her eyes had beheld
What have I done, what have I become
What evil is this

As the light surrounded me the color changed
A dark evil hue that I cannot describe
More felt than seen, if only I had the words

The strange beings were now upon me
They began to envelop me, to absorb me
The pain that took me was immeasurable

Their touch burned like a thousand suns
Like a gelatinous black oil
Covering me, filling me with their horror

In this I saw my fate
My eternity revealed
My sins had returned to me at last

And so I have become one with them
I am them and they are me
Forever imprisoned in this hell

Written By

Phoenix Risen

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

33 thoughts on “Dead Eyes

  1. *sigh*

    Now this is true love, my friend. TRUE LOVE, DAMMIT!!!!!! (she shouted from a soft whimper in her heart that grew into a histrionic wail!)


    5 out of 5 hearts on the love meter.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ooooo I squirmed but I still needed to read then end. So yup I have some stamina, this really did get to me though, the imagery is almost obscene and the thoughts of sin overwhelming. Evil or insanity? me

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey Slasher Friends! Thank you so much for posting my story, I really appreciate it!
    I don’t normally write such light hearted tales but I thought I would give it a shot.
    Plus I was able to use the word “gelatinous” which was a bonus!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The word, “gelatinous” always makes me quiver! Your fantastic, mind quaking poem was outstanding. Thanks for bringing your brilliance back to shine in all the dark corners of SMM! The monsters bow to your creative spirit. ❤👻☠️❤🤡😈

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Rose, you are too kind my friend! I really appreciate SM, and you have been such an inspiration to write better and bloodier!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Reblogged this on Phoenix Risen and commented:
    Thanks so much Slasher Monster for posting my short story “Dead Eyes”! Check out their awesome blog for awesome horror stories, poems and artwork!

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