Psycho Secrets: Sam Syko

In the rooms of an asylum, there are secrets stashed in closets and under patients’ beds.

They whimper and whine; wanting to break free… where is the key, where is the key? If we don’t find it, we’ll go crazy!

Follow me to Sam Syko’s room where we’ll meet an unfortunate lad, whose secret you can uncover, before it climbs into someone’s head…

  • Take your medication, and then try to solve Sam Syko’s riddle
  • Leave a comment
  • All participating lunatics will have a link to their website placed underneath the crazed bat

!!** Sam Syko’s Riddle **!!

In his straitjacket, Sam keeps me tucked inside. I can create decay and leave black holes behind. What am I?
Feel free to type your answer and/or make up your own Sam Syko riddle in the comments section below.  Do make it short and to the point, or Sam may take his secret and mess up your teeth!

~ Sam Syko ~

Created By Poet Rummager


 !!** BATTY BIN **!!




 Karina Pinella

!!! Phoenix Risen is the WINNER !!!

     Incarcerated Shadows


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

33 thoughts on “Psycho Secrets: Sam Syko

  1. Bacteria can cause tooth decay and leave black holes behind. You know Sam’s got all kinds of microbial funk floating around in that stank-ass straightjacket. Gross.

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