Psycho Secrets: Looney Lucy

Shhh…come a little closer. Okay. Stop. You’re not supposed to get too close, or bad things may happen. They say it’s all in my head. The people wearing the white coats feed me these pretty, little shapes. But they never work. Is any of this real? Hold on…let me pinch you, just to make sure. Yup! You certainly feel real enough.

Hallucinations pop like soap bubbles. I can’t remember the last time I bathed. Excuse my honesty. And the smell.

Wait. Do you hear that? Sam Syko is bangin’ his squishy head against the wall. The thuds put me to sleep.

I’m not supposed to tell anyone this, but if you stand in the corner over there…sometimes…only sometimes…Terence Tourette Tucker will sing a lullaby about sucking people’s blood. Yeah! That’s exactly what I thought—he’s either a vampire, or batshit crazy. Gross.

Something is burning, which means there’s an idea glowing inside what’s left of Looney Lucy’s mind. Solve the riddle and prove that she’s not talking to herself.


  1. Take your medication and try to solve Looney Lucy’s riddle
  2. Leave a comment
  3. All participating lunatics will have a link to their website placed underneath the crazed bat


!!** Looney Lucy’s Riddle **!!

Drifting within the infinite dark—the light comes from within. What am I?

Looney Lucy Illustrated By Poet Rummager

 !!** BATTY BIN **!!



!!** oglach **!!

Matthew Tonks




Oglach successfully guessed the answer to Looney Lucy’s riddle!

Answer: Star


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

32 thoughts on “Psycho Secrets: Looney Lucy

  1. There could be so many endless answers, answers that would create more riddles upon the ones already in place. Like a torch, but who would be turning it on? Or a match, but who would strike it? How would a soul do? For it burns brightly, before it is sucked into hell…. Oh, the answers and blood we could spill….

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