Psycho Secrets: Certified Crazy People

Did you eat those pretty shapes? It’s okay. Neither did I. The hallucinations will begin to sparkle in a few minutes; that way we’ll be on our best behavior. You visited a few of the patients around here, but there are many, many, many, many more. Trust me. Do you remember the patients’ riddles?

Sam Syko’s Riddle

In his straitjacket, Sam keeps me tucked inside. I can create decay and leave black holes behind. What am I?
 (Answer: Sugar)
Riddle Solver:

 !!** Phoenix Risen **!!

Terence Tourette Tucker’s Riddle

What is sensitive, cries, comes in different colors, and is invisible, but only to itself?

(Answer: Eyes)

Looney Lucy’s Riddle

Drifting within the infinite dark—the light comes from within. What am I?

(Answer: Star)

Riddle Solver:

!!** Oglach **!!

Come on, Oglach, Phoenix, and anyone else who’d like to join in—follow me—and we’ll listen to the voices in the walls. If you place your ear just right, you can hear them talk about all sorts of things: clever, funny, or obscene. We never know what they’ll say, but whatever happens, don’t laugh too loud or cry out too much. The guys in the white coats will rush down the hall to grab you, and they are never nice…


Published by Dead Donovan

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20 thoughts on “Psycho Secrets: Certified Crazy People

  1. I’ve been in some of the world’s finest psychiatric institutions, and none of them drove me to distraction with the intensity that Terence Tourette Tucker’s riddle did. I’m relieved to finally hear the answer. Now I can go back to stacking marbles.

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        1. Ah, I’m glad you feel comfortable letting your hair down at SMM, darling! There are monsters in us all that need to have a playground, so I’m happy you’ve found your comfort zone here. Come on, I’ll race you to the see-saw!! 😀

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  2. Oh man. I’ve gotta get out of this place. 😜
    There’s no handle on the door. Well, not
    on my side anyway. 😫
    Soft walls and no windows. What kinda
    room is this? 😬

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  3. I’ve been certifiable for most of my life with or without swallowing
    Certain pills but I have had my share enough to last the rest of my life
    Go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall As Sheldon Always

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  4. I am happy to report that I just got certified to be certifiable so I can be fully certified without false certification. Therefore, I can be legitimately certified before I receive the certification without ceremony.

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  5. I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but your answer, to your own question, might be wrong.

    “”Drifting within the infinite dark—the light comes from within. What am I?”

    Yourself. And that is pretty remarkable. You, specifically, contain, and radiate light.

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    1. Wow! Of course, it’s me — it took a lovely lady to help me see my light. I’m especially bright after brushing my bones. Thank you, dear Cindy! 🌹🌸🌺 -PR


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