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If you’re lookin’ for a place to show off your horns, look no further! SlasherMonsterMagazine investigates the true essence of horror. Your spine will beg for mercy as you slice and dice through articles, short stories, and other forms of creative expressions. If you’re in the mood to dissect fear—put on your black apron. You’re gonna need it. Trust me. Oh! Don’t forget the goggles.

Signup for a SMM monthly subscription and you’ll be able to promote your own book, story, article, poem…the choice is yours. You sacrificed your valuable time to forge your creative vision from the ingot of darkness. Each month you’ll be able to choose different content, or you can promote the same book or story, for as long as you’d like.


  1. SMM Monthly Subscription: $3.00
  2. Promote your creative vision each month!
  3. Promoted content will be featured on the SMM homepage


No matter how many articles SMM publishes each day, the location of your promoted content never changes. Stop drooling. You’ll excite the monsters.


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Do you want to promote your creative vision? The process is easy-peasy! Click a link and you’ll magically teleport to SMM’s official Patreon page. Navigate toward the right-hand sidebar, and then click the “become a patron” button.


  1. Click your favorite SMM monthly subscription link
  2. Locate “become a patron” button
  3. Complete the signup process
  4. Done!


Send your articles, book, story, or whatever, to SlasherMonsterMagazine and we’ll schedule a posting date.


Don’t worry—we never judge a monster by the size of its horn.


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