Haiku Event: Devil Robot

Before we start our new event, congratulations to
!!! Ivor: Plumber/Poet !!! 
He won Carrie’s Jason Mask Sculpture.

Flip the switch and fire up your electrical brain. Wait. hold on. You gotta give the wires time to warm up first, or there’s a high risk of blowing a fuse, and no one likes that….unless you’re the fuse! Get it? Oh, I apologize. My sense of humor was damaged during a flood. Salt water corroded the sensitive electrodes inside my head. No big deal. Do you smell that? Something is burning. Ideas cause my computing core to overheat.

  1. Write a haiku about a devil robot
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Participants will be assigned a number

Ali, owner of Cyclop, has sponsored this Haiku Poem event. Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables made up of three lines. The first line with five syllables, the second with seven, and third with five. Participants who were assigned a number will be automatically eligible to win their very own Mini Monster Hama Bead Painting!



Anyone who participates in the event will be granted a number. The number is dictated by the numerical position of your comment. All eligible participants will be entered into a random number generator.

In order to be eligible to win Ali’s Mini Monster Hama Bead Painting, you MUST participate in the event. All comments are welcome, but only event-related comments will be granted a number.

The randomly chosen winner will be awarded Ali’s Bead Painting!

The winner is required to send their email address to: slashermonstersubmissions@gmail.com

If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, another person will be randomly selected. So, don’t miss out and remember to respond right away!

All events start on Friday (6:00pm EST) and end on the following Monday (6:00pm EST).

Winners will be notified in the comment section.

  1. All eligible participates will be granted a number.
  2. Event winners are chosen randomly.
  3. Winners are required to send their email address to SMM Magazine. Ali will contact them directly about shipping the Mini Monster Hama Bead Painting. 

Fabulous Blog Event Writers

1. The eyes can see me
yet there are no eyes, they just
reflect the horror



2. Champion demon
The monster from the future
Robotic nightmare



3. Lo, Metal Devil,
With a face like a weevil,
Looks downright evil.

 Karina Pinella


4. My little robot
Evil permeates your mind
You’re sick just like me

Phoenix Risen


5. We need steel to grow
Have to fuel the blast furnace
Bring me your children



A Word From Ali Curtis

My name is Ali Curtis.
I am from Oakland, California. I’ve been living in Humboldt County for 8 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Teaching Credential. I am a teacher at a beautiful rural school near the ocean.
I focus on creating things that bring happiness to people. In this world we are constantly inundated with negativity, whether it be in the media, in your personal life, or in the lives of others surrounding you. I am trying to bring something to the world that makes you just stop and smile for a second.

!! **Follow Ali ** !!



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23 thoughts on “Haiku Event: Devil Robot

  1. We monsters would like to roar big thanks to amazing Ali of Cyclop for sponsoring this event! Her Hama Bead Painting is adorable.

    Do consider supporting these talented artists who add color and vibrancy to our world!!

    Liked by 1 person

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