Create Your Own Haunted House

Before we start our new event, congratulations to
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He won Ali’s Mini-Monster Hama Bead Painting.

Boo! Turn on your proton pack, and don’t cross the streams, because we’re gonna kick the haunted house’s door down! Are you ready? Wait…have you ever been possessed? Don’t worry—you’ll start to like it after a while. Watch out for a poltergeist hiding inside a television. Keep your eyes off the flickering screen. Trust me. They say a little girl somehow, someway, was lured inside the television, but that’s a bunch of silly nonsense. You’ll just go insane. Not too bad. Oh! Stay away from the light.

Wanna play a game? No need to sacrifice your quarters.

Choose 1 out of 4 Darkcade SMM games.

  • Is your house haunted? Tell everyone about your scary experience!

  • Write a frightful story or poem.

  • Suggest a movie about a haunted house.

  • Tell us about a historical haunted house you’ve visited.

Get your charm on! BrighteyeTreasures skillfully crafts itsy-bitsy charms. How do they do it? They use a freakin’ laser! Somewhere south of the Twin Cities, Toni and Vern harness the power of light to create intriguing artifacts. Small aesthetics…tiny pictures…BIG originality! Order as many as you can afford. You wont regret it.

!!** The winner of this event receives 10 haunted house charms **!!

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SMM Darkcade Event Games

Riddle Me Boo

  Karina Pinella

A riddle for you
That may keep you up at night;
Think until you’re blue.

What creaks in the dark,
Harbors slithering creatures
And abhorrent pasts?

Makes way for spirits,
But drives the living away.
A haunted house—BOO!

A Word From Toni

Toni and Vern are a stay-at-home mom and a work-at-home dad to a wonderful little girl with the biggest, brightest eyes! She’s our inspiration for what we do. We live in a suburb to the south of the Twin Cities that’s just beautiful with the right mix of small-town feel and urban living.

Right now we’re a small start-up, but with the help of Vern’s laser cutter, that’s about to change. Our charms are up, and we’re starting to create a line of bookmarks that the geek in Toni would be proud to own.

We would never sell anything to anyone that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves, and we stand behind everything we sell.

!!** Need a charm? Visit BrighteyeTreasures **!!


Fabulous Blog Event Participants

 Karina Pinella





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26 thoughts on “Create Your Own Haunted House

  1. My scary Experience: not in a house, but tiny apartment, where I used to live. There have been few accidents, but let me tell you about the scariest night. At the time, I used to live alone with my cat. I was texting on my phone, in bed, with no lights. All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise from the kitchen, so I jumped. My cat was sleeping next to me. Panicking, I called my boyfriend and being on the phone with him, I went to investigate. All I found was a cooking pot, which was flipped over, on the stove. How??? Anyways, I was told to go sleep and not be a scaredy-cat. I went to bed and closed my eyes. Before I could fall asleep, I heard… like somebody was hitting the table, as a rhythm of music. This sound just made me frozen in bed, scared to move. Few minutes later it got louder, so I collected all my bravery, grabbed the phone and turned the light on. With a pounding heart, I looked at the door, dividing my bedroom and a living room, where the table was. Seemed like this “thing” heard me and stopped. When I walked outside of my bedroom, no one was there, of course. I had to sleep with lights on for the rest of the night.

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    1. I got goosebumps reading your comment! Have you ever experienced those things again?

      I’ve heard footsteps echoing at nights when I was a child. My grandfather would visit us from the Philippines. Some nights, I heard footsteps. They would always start out in the kitchen and end at the foot of my bed. I told my mom, and she said that my great grandmother’s spirit traveled with him. Filipinos are known to be very superstitious.


      1. I had to sleep with the lights on for a few nights after that incident, haha.
        Also, one time scary “howl” from the bathroom woke me up and scared me to death. Other accidents were small, just weird noises here and there, but everyone heard those, probably.

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      2. I agree Rose….ghosts stories are very famous here…
        One time in our house i had our cctv man upgraded our cameras…4 more cameras were installed..for some weird reasons it did not all…it took them hours to figure out the problem…unfortunately not a shadow appeared on the cam..just when they were about to give up and said they will just come back…one of my helpers said…”you have to talk to the spirits who lived here”…so i was a bit surprised to hear there.are spirits living in my the camera man said..”okay please let us fix this things so that we can go home”..then in tagaloh they said “tabi tabi po”…seriously i am not a fan of ghosts whatsoever but when the cameras functioned at the utter of those made me think again though.

        Its been two months now since that incident happen and so far the cameras are still in good condition..

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        1. Takot ako! 😱 I like dancing in front of cameras. A lot of times, they break, but I don’t think it’s the ghosts. It’s my god awful dancing. 😜

          See, ghosts don’t have to be heard or even appear to make their presence known. Thanks for telling your story, Mich! 🌹

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    2. Thanks for sharing your unusual experience! I’m not sure if I would have been able to sleep, so you must be pretty brave (even if you had to use the lights). I never had a ghost terrorize me…I’m jealous.


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  2. The moon peers through trees
    at the house once filled with light.
    A sole soul cries out.

    My haiku was inspired by Karina’s fantastic and creative riddle haiku poetry. Thanks K! Your words add the perfect balance of horror and humor. ☠️❤️

    Warm thanks to amazing Toni and Vern for sponsoring SMM’s giveaway. Brighteye Treasures is a fabulous shop! 💋

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      1. I’m not personally a believer in ghosts but my mum is a spiritualist and she says she has. I’ve been to the castle which not only has medieval history but was also used as a jail during witchhunting times and there’s a definite eerieness to it

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