I returned home in darkness
My long journey behind me
Home at last
Cold and dusty from the road

I found my home dark
Void of the love I longed for
A cold welcome upon early arrival
Yet a light burned in my loves window

Silently I ascended
To the abode of my darling
Reveling in our meeting
Our love soon to be enjoined

In the dark passage before our door
I heard the sounds of passion
A groaning that burned through me
Darkness fell upon me in that moment

Bursting through the door at last
I saw him
Entangled in the throes of passion
My love's eyes filled with fire

My heart fell into darkness
My hands took flight of their own accord
Seeking to undo this madness before me
I found the knife upon my dresser

Lunging forward with no mind
Only blind vengeance drove me on
I struck with all my strength
Blinded by tears and rage

I plunged the knife deep
I struck blindly again and again
The screams did not move me
Only lust for blood drove me on

As the fire burned so did my rage
My heart knew no mercy
My hand held no quarter
Only a black tide rising

My love's tears flowed freely
Her cries filled the night
I looked upon her with regret
Her sorrow broke me

Even through her sin
I saw the truth in her
The everlasting love
And so I showed her mercy

I set the blade upon her breast
And I cut slowly, lovingly
As I cut through I broke the ribs
Revealing her sweet heart

Still beating with love it was
I cut it from her
Releasing her to God's mercy
And I began to feast upon it

May it fill me with her love
Let her life flow through me
Burning through my sorrow
Healing my pain

After a time I relented
Wet with the blood of my love
Covered in the gore
Of her lover

As the darkness took me at last
I fell to my knees before the fire
And I slept
A dreamless sleep as of the dead

I awoke to the first light of dawn
My body aching
My mind reeling
What had I done, was it a dream

It was no dream
The scene was unbearable
The flies had already come
The body of my love, desecrated

I fell upon my face
Tears came in a flood
The betrayal of my love
Cut into my depths

As I wept I began to fear
What had I done
What darkness had taken me
The blade still lay beside me

This can never be known
I must cover the sins of my love
She fell in weakness
And so I released her

I am her salvation
I am the death angel
And so I have become
The hand of God

I took the bodies down the stairs
Deep into my own cellar
With my sharpest knife
I began to dismember them

The body of my love I buried
Beneath the old stones
In the house of my father
And his father before him

The remains of her lover
I fed to the pigs
And after they ate him
I slaughtered and burned them

May his soul rot in hell
May the soul of my love live
Forever in eternal light
God forgive her

And so now, I dwell here alone
Forever in this darkness
Let sorrow take me at last
As my love whispers eternally

Written by

Phoenix Risen


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

35 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. This is quite the poem that shows not only anger in a lover’s betrayal, but also a warped sense of justice where the killer sees himself as an avenging angel. Truly terrifying! Thanks for your lurid and bloody poetry, Phoenix. She broke his heart, so he ate hers! Lol.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. So…the man and lady died?
    Just kidding. Wow. I can always tell it’s Phoenix after the first few words. He has an original voice, and a unique talent for keeping you reading even when you want to stop. Great, dark matter.
    (Also, he cray. Run!)

    Liked by 6 people

  3. Thank you so much Slasher Monster for posting my story! You have truly been an inspiration to me to commence with the blood letting and I really appreciate you!
    And thank you all for reading and for the comments, bloody kisses to you all 💋💋.

    I barely remember now the night I did, I mean wrote that. It’s the tequila, it .. does things to me 👹

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reblogged this on Phoenix Risen and commented:
    Thank you to Slasher Monster for posting my story “Betrayal” to their awesome website! Great horror stories, poetry, and all kinds of fun stuff there! Please visit them at slashermonster. com!

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