Cassandra’s Ashes


The sorcerer took one final look at the ingredients in the black pot in front of him. He only doubted himself for a moment before turning to stare at the corpse of his lover lying naked on the sofa behind him. His main specialty was necromancy. It was a gift he had never felt the need or even the desire to use before.

He had a reason now to use it. His Cassandra was gone. He knew he should never have loved a mortal. They’re so delicate and die too easily. The strongest of them only seem to live a hundred or so years.

He could bring her back though. He would bring her back; even though it could only ever be a one time thing. Her fragile body would break easier than her mortal body had when she had stumbled and fallen off the cliff. It was that one unexpected gust of wind as she stood there admiring the view, and beckoning him to join her.

The sorcerer smiled sadly to himself before chanting the spell.

It took a few minutes before Cassandra’s body began to twitch, then her eyes fluttered open. Her skin remained pale, void of the colour her cheeks had once held. He didn’t care though. His one true love was back from the dead; giving him a little more time to spend with her.

‘What happened?’ she asked. Her face gave away her fear and confusion.

‘I’ll explain later, my darling,’ he lied, not wanting to waste their last precious moments together explaining how she had died and how he’d brought her back.

He hurried towards her, wrapping his arms around her.

‘That hurts,’ she mumbled against his shoulder.

He apologized as he loosened his grip, remembering how fragile she really was.

‘It’s okay,’ she smiled and lifted her head to kiss him.

He felt her body tremble slightly at even that smallest movement, and he tried to pull away; not wanting to hurt her. She gripped him tightly, though. He could have pulled away if he really wanted to, but he had missed his precious Cassie. The closeness was too much for him to resist.

He gave in, and let her have her way with him. After they finished and laid together while regaining their breath, she reached out to him once more. He tried to move away, knowing a second time would mean the end of her with no way of ever bringing her back again. Cassandra’s arm remained attached to his shoulder, but no longer attached to her.

She winced in pain, then asked, ‘what’s happening to me?’

The sadness in her eyes suggested that she already knew on some level.

‘It’s okay,’ he promised, holding onto her waist with one hand and her detached arm with the other. ‘I love every little part of you, attached or not. Don’t worry,’ he soothed, before muttering a calming spell under his breath.

Cassandra smiled at him, looking relieved, then closed her eyes.

The two stayed that way until sunrise when the resurrection spell ended; leaving the sorcerer clutching desperately at the pile of Cassandra’s ashes.


Written By

Amanda Steel

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

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  1. Hey guys..this one did not appear in my reader..i got here when i realized i havent been terrorized by your monster stories for a while so i navigates straight to your site ..

    Anyways..this indeed is worth reading..

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