SMM Event: Mini Monsters & Micro-Fiction

Before we start our new event, congratulations to 
!!! Mich !!! 
She won Toni’s & Vern’s Haunted House Charms.

Have you been sweltering in the summer heat? Has perspiration been rolling down your face and creating buckets of sweat in your belly button and other orifices you’d rather not see turn into swamps? Well, come on in! It’s cold within the walls of SMM. Oh, watch out for that patch of snow! Damn. Ouch. Oh, sweetie, you landed right on your pretty face…. and it’s not so pretty anymore! Haha. It’s okay, a missing tooth here and there only adds character.

Prepare to be overloaded with cute monstrosities—these handmade mini monsters live inside jars. Small. Fun. Monsters. What more could you want? This blustery blog event is sponsored by JarAssic Mini Monsters. Zoe Wall, creator of JarAssicMiniMonsters, handcrafts adorable creatures. Zoe is willing to send the event winner their very own frost larva! Also known as ‘Frosti Abominalis’, these minuscule, needle felted critters are okay to hold…as long as you’re wearing mittens!

SMM Darkcade Games

  1. Create your own monster larva by giving it a name and describing its characteristics.


2. Write a micro-story about the snow beast larvae illustration below.

Play a game…

…leave a comment!

International readers are welcome to participate. Snow beasts travel far or near.

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A Word From Zoe Wall

My name is Zoe Wall and I live in Big Bear California, but am originally from the North East of England.

I’m a HUGE monster nerd, and a fan of bugs and creepy crawlies. JarAssic Mini Monsters was formed when I decided to create a whole menagerie of weird little monsters that combine these loves. I design and needle felt each little monster with its own personality. I also design and crochet cup cozies that just ooze character. I think that everybody needs a little quirkiness!

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29 thoughts on “SMM Event: Mini Monsters & Micro-Fiction

  1. Scientist recently discovered a new worm — Squeamish Nightmarish. The larvae, also known as ‘fearites’, burrow into a person’s brain and induce uncontrollable episodes of manic paranoia. Hellish hallucinations have also been observed. Watch out.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I succumbed once to Squeamish Nightmarish when I had flesh. The best cure is getting rid of all those cumbersome tissues and organs.

      The only monster larva I fear is the Orange Hued Maggot — it feasts on your character and accountability; leaving you susceptible to whining, pointing your fingers at others, and constantly eating chocolate cake. (PR)

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  2. I am plotting a crime…my bestfriend’s gonna die. My murder weapon has long been prepared. I’d begin by sneaking in into their house…late at night..early before dawn. The time when everyone else is asleep…snooring….dreaming …that for sure is the right moment. I will tear open her chest, snatch out her heart and throw it outside for their own dog to devour. Oh, what a beautiful revenge. Revenge for making a fool out of me. Revenge for making me wallow over my own grief.

    Ahhh such a perfect crime it would be.


    It will be tonight.

    But i’m begging you LITTLE MONSTER in my head….please don’t make me do it.


    Liked by 5 people

    1. Lol. Sounds like someone’s been reading too many SMM poems. 👻 What you need to do is pack some soy sauce before seeing your friend. If the monster in your head wins, then at least you’ll be able to add some flavor to your friend’s heart. Maybe throw in some vinegar and garlic for heart adobo. 🤗 (PR)

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    2. Ha! You’re turning into a real monster, Mich. I think I love you even more. Lol. Cool story. Uh, oh, you’d better wear a hat next time you go out! The monster in your head just gave me the finger. 😱

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I love the prompt..then i just hit the keypads and that little monster in my head kept on bugging me to let him out…

        Ahhhh…this side of me is
        Who would have thought that a gentle and kind middle age woman could actually plot up a perfect crime…hehèhehe

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Intoxicating, isn’t it? SMM does that to your innocence. There are monsters tearing down these halls just to reach kind and unsuspecting people like you, Mich. You never thought you’d relish the dark, right? Your cherry of barbarity has been popped, and there’s no escaping your unquenchable thirst for horror now! Welcome sistah. 😈

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  3. The Snow Beast catches the light snow flakes on its tongue, laughing and happy; just as it catches the soon to be dead people and swallows them down cleanly. Life then death is swift as well as the Snow Beast. Children as well as larvae can not be controlled.

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  4. 50-word story: They came out from their caves. Time to flaunt their sharp teeth to the natives. The two beasts resembling giant larvae crawled through the pine trees, rolling out their tongues to catch snowflakes, which made for light appetizers. They didn’t want to ruin their appetites when they reach the village.

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  5. Jimmy was so excited. He walked through the winter forest, when suddenly he saw some interesting creatures, looked like worms with eyes. Creatures were playing down the hill, catching snowflakes. Jimmy sat down on the stump. He was so amused by this view, that he didn’t notice how the same larvae climbed his jacket’s sleeve, higher and higher, targeting the only one important place – his ear, which covered entrance to the treasure – boys’ brain. Jimmy kept smiling, as his world was changing colors.

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  6. I feel it inside me even now
    Swimming through my veins
    Slithering, squirming
    Biting, chewing
    Erasing me piece by tiny piece
    Speaking to me, laughing
    Always laughing
    Never still, never quiet

    I’ll find you little pet
    I know you worm
    You can not have me
    I win this round
    He is fast but my knife is sharp
    I slice, I stab, I seek him
    In every part of me
    He never stops laughing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beautiful and disturbing, Phoenix! Wow!! The horror of seeing someone slice themselves to get to the malady is gruesome and fascinating. You need to post this poem on your blog. It’s really one of your finest. 🖤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s one of my favorites of yours. I really enjoy your long poems, but throwing in a mix of short poetry forces the writer to really zero in on what they’re trying to convey. Truly wonderful work!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you so much! That one was a bit of a gruesome glimpse into a feverish mind.
    Or maybe he did have a wormeeting in there. One never knows… 😉


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