SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest


Put down your stake and pick up a pen—the SMM 2017 Halloween Writing contest is now open for submissions. You’re a 1000-year-old ghoul, and you know how to scare the hell out of people, so dip a raven’s quill inside your bloodwell. Write a horror story or scary poem: prove to everyone why they should be scared of the dark, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll win a cash prize!


SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest

  • Write a bite-sized horror story: 500 words (no longer than 2,500 words)
  • Write a scary poem
  • Contest ends October 15, 2017
  • $5 Entry Fee


Witches, ghouls. zombies, vampires, oh my! Halloween is the time of year when it’s okay to stalk the sidewalks and devour bite-sized candy. Drape a bed-sheet over your head, because when the spirits come out to play, you don’t want to be the only mortal without a costume. Trust me.

Put the stake down! There’s no need to sacrifice the rights to your creative work—you retain the option to publish your story on another platform, that way you can scare the hell out of more victims. Make ’em scream. Loud.

“Master of Pumpkins”: $50 + 1 Free SMM Subscription Month (first place award)

“Vampire Slayer”: $25 (second place award)

“Ghost Summoner”: $15 (third place award)


Stop your head from spinning, that’s disgusting! Yes, you read that correctly—3 cash prizes will be awarded to 3 lucky ghouls. The first place winner also receives 1 free SMM subscription month, which they can use to have a story of their choice featured on the SMM homepage. You may now spin your head.

Sink your fangs into some sweets this Halloween season. You’re really not supposed to do this, but go inside your closet and take out that Ouija board. Shut off the lights. Everything. Yes…including the television. Let the darkness numb your senses, then ask a ghost for something to write about.



How to Enter into the SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest


  1. Locate the tombstone at the bottom of this post. Click on it.

2. The tombstone will transport you to the official SMM PayPal checkout page.

3. Entry cost is $5.00 (credit/debit accepted)

4. Send your Halloween story or poem:

(Email subject line: “SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest”)

Do You Want To Enter Into The SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest? Click Here!



So easy…even a zombie can do it!






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17 thoughts on “SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest

  1. Too much horror! Lmao!! Wow, that movie victim wastes no time getting exposed. Better make sure she’s locked up before climbing into bed tonight. She may do something wicked during one of her panic attacks 😀


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