SMM EVENT: Zombie Tanka Party

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will party! Gravestones are gonna shake, rattle, and roll—sink your rotten teeth into the living as you write a zombified tanka poem. Don’t have any ink? Use blood, of course! Not your own, though, because that would be inappropriate and somewhat rude.


Empty Grave

I buried something
that was not already dead.
It dug itself out.

It shook like a wet dog and
followed my scent to find me.



Written & Inspired


Mellow Curmudgeon’s Willing to Muddle Thru



Felt makes everyone happy—meet Pip! He’s a joyful felt monster created by Samantha Dolan. Feeling down? Perhaps a little sad? Buck up, kiddo! Pip is here and he’s gonna eat your sorrows to the bone. Pip wants to be your best friend, just participate in the event and you’ll receive a chance to win Samantha Dolan’s Happy Felt Monster. If you’re feeling down, lift yourself up with a little help from Pip!



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SMM Darkcade

  1. Don’t get eaten! Write a zombie tanka poem
  2. Everyone likes to be scared: what is your favorite zombie movie?
  3. Aim for the head: how would you exterminate a zombie? Be creative!


Pick a game…

…leave a comment!


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Do you want to learn how to write a Japanese tanka poem? Click here!

A Word From Samantha

Samantha Dolan lives in Superior Wisconsin at the terminal tip of Lake Superior. She’s been working with fiber arts and participating in local craft shows for the last few years. When she’s not needling tiny monsters into existence, she enjoys spending time with her family.




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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

26 thoughts on “SMM EVENT: Zombie Tanka Party

  1. Zombie Extermination: I would stuff a zombie into a time machine, and then I’d convince the zombie to eat a younger version of itself — which would effectively erase itself from the space-time continuum. If the younger person died, then it would have been impossible for the zombie to be created. I think.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Rancid Dead flesh drips
    Rotten hungry mouth gnashing
    Putrid stench foul breath
    At least she’s stopped nagging me
    To put up that kitchen shelf

    My favourite zombie film has to be Shawn of the deaf. Juan of the dead is pretty good too.

    Ooh and dead snow.

    Ill throw in a limerick too because im good like that…

    The missus gets bitten and turns
    Zombocalypse as the world burns
    Still its not all that bad
    Of the quiet im glad
    Despite how she for my brains yearns

    How would I end her I hear you ask?

    A few stragically placed strands of Piano wire around her neck and release her to pursue me staying just out of harms Way until she eventually decapitates herself.

    …that rather ran away with itself…i do love my wife despite what i just wrote. Promise.

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  3. I stood still the hall
    Bones crackling and blood spilling.
    What have made of me?

    Buried screaming and alive.
    Now taking my sweet revenge.

    Got my monster house price…yay thanks guys..thanks Toni..twas beautiful..

    Liked by 5 people

  4. «Don’t have any ink?  Use blood, of course!  Not your own, though, because that would be inappropriate and somewhat rude.»

    The thought of a Miss Manners type giving etiquette advice to zombies plumbs new depths of horror. 😮


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