As I stroke you, I feel the darkness again—
wanting to use you to rain down her pain.
You cut into me with an intensity like no other.
Every time I touch you, I’m jello. I quiver.
In the dark, I hold you; a smile creases my face.
Joy pours out of me; all sadness erased.
Tomorrow, I whisper, as you shine in the gloom.
Tomorrow, you and I will be one with the moon.
You’ll meet her, and she’ll turn all red.
I laugh – sliding my knife under the bed.


               Written By

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

30 thoughts on “Tomorrow

          1. OOOOOOH, I love that title, “A Tattooed Blond!” I haven’t checked the messages, yet, but I will soon. xo

            Yes, SMM received your payment for the contest. I sent you an email, Ivor, a couple of days ago. Thanks again!

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