SMM Event: Write a 50-Word Story About a Classic Monster


Do you still have those horrific nights when you feel a shadow looming above your bed?

You shut your eyes tightly and cling to your blanket with sweaty palms. Although you never go to church anymore, you find yourself praying, and promising God you’ll never watch porn again if you can just live through this excruciating night. Well, guess what? You may have survived for another day, but there will be other monsters stomping to your chambers soon. Why won’t they leave you alone? What can you do to appease these apparitions, you might ask? Grab a pen and paper! Create a short story about a monster. Do it now, or you’ll never escape the agony of those staring red eyes!

The creatures demand a story to quell their nightly visits. Do their bidding, or else…



Go pin yourself! The screamers who participate in this event receive a chance to win a Classic Horror Pin collection. Wanna scare your friends and family? Of course! Night Gone Black Studio is here to make your nightmares come true—stick a pin on a fashionable jacket, backpack, hat, or shirt, and let everyone know you’re a true fan of horror. Dracula? No problem! Frankenstein? Hell yeah! Better cover your neck when you go to sleep…watch out…these pins are ALIVE!



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  1. Load the Silver Bullet—Write a 50 word story about a classic monster
  2. Howl at the Moon: What is you favorite classic monster?


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50-Word Story

“I’m so tired of feeling insignificant!” He slams a fist on the table. “You don’t even look at me. Am I that appalling to you?”

Joanna steps back; frightened as his temper mounts. “I can’t see you anymore.”

“Why?” There’s anguish in his voice.

“Well, you are the Invisible Man.”


A Word From Claudia

My name is Claudia and I love graphic design and have a passion for creating things that inspire me – anything ranging from movies to music! I have a soft spot for 80s horror flicks and post-punk/darkwave music.iusa_400x400.50139132_42pc

Often times while enjoying a good horror movie or listening to music, I think to myself “I would love it if someone could make me one of those…” so it’s not totally untrue to state that each button is inspired by the tears of Robert Smith.


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

30 thoughts on “SMM Event: Write a 50-Word Story About a Classic Monster

  1. If electricity can bring light bulb to life, why not a dead man? The essence of our soul buzzes and crackles like a battery. I plugged the stitched monstrosity into a wall socket — the cord connected to the wrinkled lump of matter inside the skull — and soon those black eyes glowed like a possessed lamp.

    Dr. Frankenstein’s Notes (more than 50 words…oops!)

    Monstrous pins! Guaranteed to scare…while adding a little flair!

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  2. A girl suddenly woke up. Odd feeling of fear and lust took over her body. The window was open.
    “Who is here?”-she asked.
    A man with pale skin stood in front of her. She felt hypnotized.
    “Are you going to rape me?”-she asked, but weakly.
    “No, silly. I just need your neck naked”,- said Dracula with a sweet smile.
    (59! still within range of 50, less than 60 😀 was too hard to make it that short!)

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  3. A monstrous Dragon, breathing fire.
    Did arise from the gurgling mire.
    Gangrenous green from head to tails.
    Claws blackened, sharp as nails.
    Purple secretions from his scaly chest.
    A spear harpooned, a grizzly mess.
    Nostrils ablaze, bloodied red.
    Eyes seeping yellow maggot heads.
    My Dragon’s crying, and nearly dead.

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            1. Wow, quite a list of inspirations! I’d just listened to Leonard Cohen’s song, “You Want it Darker.” He’s got quite the guttural voice. Cool song! I’d never really listened to Cohen before, so thanks for steering me his way. 😊

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              1. Wow !! it’s nearly a year already since he died, he’s the total reason i write, another Ivor story… My fav’ song on that CD is Treaty, I’ll email the words to you, superb, lyrics….

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  4. “Notice the bad blood going around here?” Vlad confided to Boris.

    “Yeah! They get younger every year.”

    “Sorry, Boris. I meant the blood I’ve been drinking lately. They’ve been so bad, I’m wondering if maybe meat is better tasting. I might take the Wolfman up on his offer and convert.”

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