Bloodizabeth’s Meat & Greet Dinner Party



Do you smell that? The Dark Darlings are here, and they want to eat you. I’m sorry. Meet you. They want to meet you. Really. They do. Don’t just stand there! Pull up a chair and join my dinner party. Put on that black bib, you filthy monster, or those fangs may puncture an artery. Try not to drool. Pretty please? Drool makes me sick…you won’t like me when I’m sick. Yuck.

Do your Red Highness a favor—ignore the crunchy parts.


Bloodizabeth’s Meat & Greet Event


  • Explore the topics and leave a comment
  • Are you scared? Tell your fellow Dark Darlings why horror frightens you!
  • Spills some facts about yourself: hobbies, interests, goals, or current projects
  • Share a link to your website, that way your fellow Dark Darlings know where to stalk find you.




SMM: Behind the Scenes


Matt “FlyTrapMan” Childs—the architect of SMM has created a domain with no walls or ceiling. His limitless imagination soars in unconfined spaces.You can see that firsthand in the stories he’s written. During the day, you’ll most likely find him creating endless blueprints and plans on how to make SMM an inspirational home for all monsters.

He’s also known as an insect whisperer and expertly captures these tiny critters on film. At night, he’s beamed into space where the stars beseech Matt to take photographs of celestial bodies and satellites. While dressed in his best astronaut gear, he happily complies.

PrettyDamnGraphick, LLC
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FlyTrapMan founded SlasherMonsterMagazine in 2014—he pointed a flashlight on the dark aspects of horror and investigated the grotesque intricacies of fear. Articles slashed readers with a unapologetic serrated edge, while monstrous stories leered, stomped and destroyed the damn city. Sorry.

Rose Perez joined SlasherMonsterMagazine in 2016. She sharpened her artistic stake and banished demons straight to the burning pits of hell: illustrations, poetry, stories, sponsored events—Rose’s versatile creativity illuminated the far corners of horror. Everyone is still traumatized.



Rose Perez is an artistic virtuoso, skilled at crafting handmade illustrations, and baking bite-sized fiction. She monitors the monsters, making sure SMM submissions see the light of day. Rose’s illustrations haunt many of SMM’s articles, and she provides a variety of  creative content which is regularly featured. 

Rose Perez hunts for valuable artifacts during the day, as well as teaches kids how to become productive slashers of society. Watch out.

Poet Rummager: Editor-in-Chief / Illustrator
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Don’t be afraid to shine a flashlight and let your fellow Dark Darlings know a little about yourself. Just a little…a little never hurt anyone, right? Exactly.






Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

31 thoughts on “Bloodizabeth’s Meat & Greet Dinner Party

  1. It’s been many, many years since my last confession. Here goes:
    I was twenty-five years old before I saw “The Exorcist.” I had to watch it with all the lights in the house on and my finger on the volume button. The next day, I went to Mass. Haha, just kidding.
    I didn’t really go to Mass.

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  2. Fear is her prey
    She sense everyone who
    Smells like this fear
    A mark that she only she can smell,like an aminals who’s territory Is being crossed
    Her nostrils are no high alter,a tell is the smell the fear
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    Come dine with me.
    Enough for a beast of three.
    Mains, Pigs Brains & Fleas.
    With Smashed Bees & Pee.
    Sweets, **Yellow Matter Custard,
    From A Dead Dogs Eye**
    Washed down by Kneed Puss & Fly Tea.

    ** From the Beatles song, “I Am A Walrus”, lyrically the best gruesomely written song of all time.

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  4. I came here not to scream.
    I’d crossed the styx,
    That darkened stream.
    Blood and heartbreak
    A frightening mix.

    The torrent carried me further
    And I struggled to your beach,
    Still dragging the smell of murder.
    She deserved to die –
    Tell me I’m lost to her reach.

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  5. Am I scared? I think I put it best in a poem, and since there is an open invitation to share links to our own pages, here’s a link:

    Hobbies, interests, and goals, oh my! I suppose I am interested in writing, as my blog will attest. This interest in writing seems to have put my schooling into the realm of a hobby, though.

    Night Terrors
    I am alone as the house sleeps.
    Every square inch of my skin creeps.
    From this darkness I try to flee
    but by burnt bulbs I cannot see.

    A switch, a switch, just a light switch,
    else I will be dead in a synch.
    His knife is drawn, it’s held aloft
    while I lay in this bed so soft.

    Continue reading:

    Thanks for allowing this platform!

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    1. I’m happy to see you sharing, doc. Talent such as yours should never stay in the dark. I know all about night terrors. Gorgeous work as always. Keep writing. I often read your work with wonder and awe. 🖤

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  6. Hello! I really like SMM, because I love scary movies, horrors, mystic and fun stories that include it! I believe in spirits and I experienced some things in my life 🙂
    here is my page:

    Dark, and cold –
    Here it comes!
    Try to be brave and bold,
    But it will slice you nice… 😉

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