Night Clings Haiku: Find Your Horror Spirit Animal

The night waits in trees.

With long, sharpened claws, it clings.

Eyes covered with wings.


If you’ve ever heard the wind howl, felt the heat of a furnace burnishing your skin as you’d imagine a dragon’s breath would, or the chill of winter biting at your exposed ankles, then you’ve experienced how monsters can disguise themselves in the most innocent ways.

The orange striped coat hanging in the darkened hall takes on the shape of a lurking tiger. Should you dare move and risk becoming dinner?

SMM would love to hear your creature-inspired poetry! Just as Poet Rummager’s haiku about night was transformed into a bat, we yearn to read about your creative venture into a most diabolical masquerade.

Share your bone-quaking haiku in the comment sections.



Find Your Horror Spirit Animal Haiku

  • Write a creature-inspired haiku 

  • Share your haiku in the comment section

  • Post your haiku on your blog

  • Link back to SMM


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A spirit animal hides in the shadow of your soul. Turn on the flashlight—explore dark territories and discover the horror within yourself.


“Night Clings” Illustration By Poet Rummager




Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

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