Ivor Steven: Smashed Pumpkin Brains


unnamed (1)

What’s it like to be an orange Pumpkin-head

Only black sockets for eyes instead.

And a cut-out smile full of seeds.

Queer ears made of rings and beads.

Inside, your brain is scooped out for pigs feed

Leaving a dark void that doesn’t bleed.

On top you’re like a crinkled dome.

And your sore neck’s being speared home.

What’s it like to have a retina thread

As a throbbing nerve-end tread.

With your cell fibres smashed to a pulp

Knifing across your tender scalp.

Ebbing towards your aching neck

And crushing you like a busted shipwreck.

Then a wooden spike pierces your fragile brain

Where the horrid harpoon spreads your pain.





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Image Credit: Jack-o-Lantern carved by Ray Villafane


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

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