SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest: Memories You Never Forget



My friend told me a creepy story from his childhood. I wouldn’t believe him, if I would know him so well. That night we were drinking and he, usually being very serious, spoke of one time, when he was ten…

Kids love scary stories and like to test their bravery. Our little “squad” was not an exception.

“Bobby is a chiiiii-cken” Lisa laughed, and then pointed at me. We played a game of Truth or Dare and since I chose dare, Lisa asked me to kiss Marlin. Lisa suspected that I liked her! She was such a little rat. I refused to do such an action, because girls are “gross”, of course!

“Well, Bobby, then you know the punishment for refusing the dare” Mark said with a smirk.

I knew.

Now I had to go to an old, abandoned house, supposedly haunted, of course, but at this point I thought that I would rather do that, then kiss Marlin. That sounded much scarier than a haunted house, because I did like her.

Twenty minutes later we arrived to the house outside of the town on our bikes. The two-storey building had white walls, but now they’re dark grey. The windows were ominous (Bobby paused and made a big sip of his beer). According to the legend, Mr. Dorby owned this place, and he went nuts one day—killing his family with a knife.

After stabbing his wife and two kids, he cut off his wife’s head and held it…until police arrived. When police officers saw him, he smiled as if he was crazy and said “requires blood!”.

He cut his own throat with the same hunting knife.

Mr. Dorby’s house has a bad reputation, and now no one wants to live there.

”Here we are, Bobby” said Mark.  “All you need to do is spend an hour inside the house. During the hour, you have to wave to us from the window on the second floor”.

“Otherwise you will be called chicken for the rest of your life!”  Lisa said with a grin. She would love that.

“Okay” I said getting off my blue bike. I wasn’t thrilled, but I couldn’t get a nickname “Chicken”.

I have to admit…I was scared…but I walked fast to the front door. Then I paused before opening it.

“I’m setting up the timer, Bobby! Check your watch and go!” Mark yelled.

“Be careful!” Marlin yelled as her cheeks grew red.

Her shout pushed me forward, so I pulled the door. It was locked…

“Try the window!” Someone yelled, but I climbed through the broken window.

Everything was so dark inside… it smelled like dust and mold. I couldn’t hear anything. I looked back and saw my friends far outside. Such a weird feeling, I must tell you. It felt like another world, with a sun and life. Over there I was like a trapped ghost, inside of the dark box. It was creepy, but not very scary.

I decided to go straight upstairs, that way I could wave to my friends from a window. My idea to show Marlin how brave I was gave me a boost, so I almost ran up the stairs. As soon as my foot touched a stair, I heard a loud creak—it sounded that it was behind me—so I froze for a second.

It was quiet.

“Just an old stair” I said to myself, trying to calm down. One more step. Still quiet.

Fear has faded and I moved upstairs. More noises behind my back, like somebody walked to another room, but an old house always creaks a lot.

I reached the second floor and moved towards one of the rooms. It was a little bit brighter on the second floor. In the corner of my eye I noticed movement in one of the halls, so my heart started racing like never before. I stopped and just stared at the hallway, but there was nothing.

“Just go already!” I said out loud, but my voice sounded weak. I gulped and moved to the window, regardless of anything. This window wasn’t broken, so I had to look at my friends through the glass.

At first, they didn’t see me, talking about something, so I tried to yell—no reaction, like the sounds couldn’t go through. At his moment, I felt something like a panic attack.

What if I was stuck in another dimension…forever? I started banging on the glass, and finally my friends saw me.

This feeling was so sweet, to know that this was just a game. I waved and smiled. They waved back, and Mark pointed at his watch, as they were waiting for me. I felt really relieved and was already thinking of what I should do for the whole next hour, how all of a sudden, I heard hissing right next to my ear.

This fear…I can’t even describe. It got so cold and all my hairs stood up.

Without looking behind me, I ran to the side, trying to reach the stairs. Something howled behind me and I didn’t reach the stairs, when some odd power pushed me into the wall. I fell, but the hit wasn’t really hard. Now I saw a dark figure, standing there, next to me. The shape of the figure was changing. But regardless of shape-changing, I saw something shiny in the “hand” of this figure—a knife?!

Who knew that horror stories could be true?

The creature hissed words, and maybe it was my imagination, but it said: “dark magic…requires blood”.  Adrenalin filled my body and I barely remember how, but I stood up, jumped downstairs, and then ran to the window for my dear life ( and to have one more big sip of beer, too).

As you can see, I made it.

I jumped through the window and ran, without looking back. My friends started to laugh badly, but when they heard the howl from the house, their laughter died.

I ran to them, kissed Marlin, sat on my bike and just took off. I heard that my friends were behind me, I could hear them, but I didn’t want to talk about what happen.

Of course, later, from the safety of my house, I told them everything and they believed me. I had scratches from my fall and…they heard it. No surprise, Lisa still called me “Chicken” a few times, but even she couldn’t really mock me after that…

…so the next time you consider a trip to an abandoned haunted house—I suggest you stay away.

Bobby finished his story and was just looking at the sunset. I sat and thought about all those weird creaks that I sometimes hear at night.



Written By

Nea Kris

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SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest Entry


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