MegaEggz: Bound to Rebound

Like a melted bar of soap,
Your soft resistance floats away.
I think it’s time to fetch the rope,
and I’ll leave it to you to pray.

Darkness; kind hearts glow brightly.
Rituals repeated nightly.
Read thoughts become so slightly
Restrained and bound ultra tightly.


©MegaEggz 2017

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

5 thoughts on “MegaEggz: Bound to Rebound

  1. Oh Mega !! you noosed me tightly with your opening lines, “Like a melted bar of soap, Your soft resistance floated away”. your words left me hanging by a thread and feeling knotted up inside.

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  2. Josh, Saywhatumean2say was right about your awesome poem fitting in well at SMM. I thought of you as I showered with my favorite lavender bar of soap this evening. There’s a bit of S&M at play in your words. To let go of resistance, can also mean finding oneself bound tightly. Quite the poem, indeed! So many fascinating secrets to uncover. I loved it. 💋

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