Walt Page: My 12 Nightmares of Christmas



Imagine, if you will, a classic Christmas song,

Turned into a nightmarish 12 nights of nightmares!

Behold my monstrous last chorus of

My 12 Nightmares Of Christmas

Sung to the melody of

The 12 Days Of Christmas…


On the 12th nightmare of Christmas,

These nightmares came to me—

12 Slasher Monsters

11 Bleeding Bogeymen

10 Drooling Drummers

9 Priestly Perverts

8 Butchered Trump Dolls

7 Howling Werewolves

6 Voluptuous Vampires

5 Ex-Girlfriends

4 Shower Stabbings

3 Headless Horsemen

2 Decaying Corpses

And a cemetery full of my victims


Monster Christmas to all and to all a Slasher night!



©Walt Page 2017

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

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