Monsters in the Abyss: 5 Facts About Sea Pigs & Sea Cucumbers


Are you ready to get wet? Put on your diving helmet and let’s dive into a watery abyss—the primordial dimension where aquatic monstrosities shine like hypnotic stars.


5 Facts About Sea Pigs


They can fit in your pocket:  Sea pigs are only 4-6 inches long.

Sea pigs like mud: You know how land pigs love to roll in mud? Sea pigs love to roll in very deep waters (as deep as 3.7 miles below the ocean surface) where they scour for decaying plants and animal matter in the sea mud. Yummy.



Those aren’t antennae on top of their heads—they’re feet: They may resemble antennae, but the structures on top of the sea pig’s head are feet which help them propel along the ocean floor, or they may help detect a tasty meal by sensing chemical trails.


Sea pigs have extraordinary mouths: Their mouths are surrounded by tentacles that help them sift through the mud for food.

Other animals live in the bodies of sea pigs: Small snails and crustaceans bury in the sea pig’s body where they feed on them internally.


Illustration By Poet Rummager

5 Facts About Sea Cucumbers


They have a special guest who lives in their anus! Pearlfish live in a sea cucumber’s cloaca or anus; which also serves as their mouth—using it for protection from predators and also for food (the pearlfish eats the waste product of sea cucumbers).

Size of sea cucumbers depends on their species: Smallest species can reach 0.12 inches and largest ones can reach over 3 feet in length.

Sea cucumbers have a unique technique of warding off enemies: When faced with danger, sea cucumbers can eviscerate or shoot out their internal organs from their anus! Any missing organs can be regenerated in 1.5 to 5 weeks.

Their lifespan depends on the species: Most sea cucumbers live between 5 and 10 years in the ocean.

Sea cucumbers are shapeshifters: Sea cucumbers modulate their squishy bodies to pass through tight spaces.



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(Introduction Written By FlyTrapMan)



Published by Dead Donovan

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20 thoughts on “Monsters in the Abyss: 5 Facts About Sea Pigs & Sea Cucumbers

  1. Its been a while but I’m a patient monster,yum too
    Sea cucumber delite and something
    Living in somethings butt just a wealth of useless information
    Unless it’s Trivial Pursuits
    Sea pigs wished I would of thought of that
    As Usual Sheldon

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  2. I loved the graphics and the intro, Fly! You always put a unique twist on SMM posts. That’s a cool photo of a sea pig! Thanks very much for posting these bad boys. Hope you didn’t trip on any guts or asses while perfecting this piece! 😀 😀 😀

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