Two-sentence Horror Story: Boy from Andromeda

Today Flanagan, the boy from Andromeda, celebrates his eleventh year on planet Earth. Parents step into gooey puddles on the front lawn as Flanagan waves his new blaster in the air. “Who else wants to play laser tag?”

Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

12 thoughts on “Two-sentence Horror Story: Boy from Andromeda

      1. 2 sentences can make worlds appear and disappear but it is a hell of a hard accomplishment. i found Keven S.again, a multitude of other thoughts and reflections with this post, i just sit in awe of how hard that was to do and how much it made me think. it does seem to be i do like thinking. AND SCREAMING I’M GOOD BUT IN ANGER NOT IN HORROR,(in horror i basically i feint) yes i know the difference… well at least i hope so.

        i’m gonna send a chuckie image to my girlfriend and say “here is your lost child, not that little alien monkey boy that waz kidnapped. aside: where does she find these post cards? i gotta find a image and print it and mail it. Affectionate horror thinker that she is; she has no internet and is worse on her cell than i am. Now there is an idea even i can’t run with. BUT IT’S FUNNY! over and out and beam me up!

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  1. Sci-Fi horror is not easy to pull off… even tougher with just two sentences. Stellar work, DD! The rings of Saturn are spinning like crazy, Moon beams are zapping space ships, and rockets are blasting off to infinity as the universe celebrates your two sentence masterpiece! 💀 🪐 🌙 ⚡️🛸 🚀

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