SMM EVENT: Panic Attack

Congratulations to  !!! Karina !!!  She won Ryn’s Wacky Magnet! Do you hear that? Those are blue birds singing in the trees. The sun is shining and warming your skin. Wait a minute. What the hell is going on? Run! Faster. Here…over here! I’m holding the creaky door open. It’s heavy, man. Quick! Into the shadows ofContinue reading “SMM EVENT: Panic Attack”

SMM Event: Write a Limerick

Congratulations to  !!! Kristi !!!  She won Eilidh’s Tomato Witch print. Some days are serious and call for decorum. Well, that ain’t happening at SMM this weekend, so go right ahead and throw all that classiness out the window—it’s time to get wacky and maybe a tad obnoxious, too! Pour out all the goofiness from your pores…let itContinue reading “SMM Event: Write a Limerick”

Like Cake

With his tail, he wrapped her bosom and pulled her close. Like cake, she was moist. (Poet Rummager) Lust is the flavor of his red triangle tail. No added sugar.  (FlyTrapMan) A red velvet room – ravenous diners waiting. “Give us angel food.” (Na triobloidi) Fanged apparition – punctures moonlit tender skin. Warm, liquid crimson.Continue reading “Like Cake”

Winter Laments

Cabot downs the Scotch and welcomes its potency. The alcohol makes a soothing trail from his tongue, trickles like a warm river down his throat, and wraps around his innards like a searing bandage. This broken heart would take time to mend but for now, he’ll use whatever he can to numb the pain. TheContinue reading “Winter Laments”

Hark, The Snake Oil Angels Sing!

Hark, the snake oil angels sing! Russia’s tsar rides on our king.   Bullshit here and beefcake there – bovine voters everywhere.   Joyful greedheads make stocks rise  – Rust Belt workers fall for lies.   Hark, the snake oil angels sing! Russia’s tsar rides on our king. Illustrations by Poet Rummager Poem written byContinue reading “Hark, The Snake Oil Angels Sing!”

Horror Carol: O Deathmas Tree / Merry Christmas, Darling

🎶 🎶🔫 💣 🔪 🗡🎶 🎶 O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leaves are so bloody. O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leaves are so bloody. 🎶 🎶🔫 💣 🔪 🗡🎶 🎶 Not only red when a dead body is here, especially when it’s knifed and speared. O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leavesContinue reading “Horror Carol: O Deathmas Tree / Merry Christmas, Darling”

The Ugliest Ugly Sweater

A snowflake splatters against a frosted window as someone spins on their toes, then turns on the radio. “…It’s a winter wonder land, baby, oh, yeah, it’s so cold outside…frightful…” Muffled words squeeze through a closed door. “Hey Bud! The party is about to start! Get your sweater on and let’s go sip some peppermint SchnappsContinue reading “The Ugliest Ugly Sweater”

Tongues of Hell

Illustration by Poet Rummager   Darkers speak in tongues of hell. (Sheldon Kleeman) Burning words sear my heathen heart. (Poet Rummager) Incinerate your desire to dispel illusions.  (FlyTrapMan) Thrust my blade into your darkness.  (Twisted Roads of Madness) The wages of sin is death.  (Na trioblóidí) Shadows unleashed. Comes, the forgotten dead. (Monochrome Nightmares) TheContinue reading “Tongues of Hell”

Demon Eyes

Window to abyss Visions of depravity, Blinding evilness. (Karina Pinella) You cannot see me. Burning perpetual stare. I don’t need to blink. (FlyTrapMan) Look into my soul. See the dark; it fills a hole. Emptiness that’s full. (Poet Rummager) Adjust my glasses and really see the true you. Easy with no skin. (Words and Feathers) VisionsContinue reading “Demon Eyes”

Fifty Words Story Collaboration: An Impossible Rescue

There it was again, a faint cry for help. Sebastian raced down the path of trees towards the cemetery. He stopped at a tombstone. With his front paws, he began digging in the dirt. Below, Diane’s soul cried out as she was pulled deeper into the depths of Hell. Eventually, Nancy caught up with herContinue reading “Fifty Words Story Collaboration: An Impossible Rescue”