Everyday Horror: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Die

Imagine you’re sitting on a rock. A vast expanse of water drowns the horizon. Warm sunshine embraces you. It’s the perfect day…and…then… A great white shark explodes out of the water and bites you in half!¬†What? Sharks have to eat, right? Wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no worse horror than an unexpected death.Continue reading “Everyday Horror: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Die”

Everyday Horror: Roadkill Blues

Everything is fine and dandy until you see something dead on the side of the road. Some kind of four-legged mammal…torn open…ruby tissue…chunks of mangled biology. A feast for the crows and worms. Roadkill is something many of us see everyday. This typical mammalian sun blasted gore may even blend into the environment. Oh…there’s aContinue reading “Everyday Horror: Roadkill Blues”