Psycho Secrets: Terence Tourette Tucker

A man with filed incisors who claims to be a direct descendant of Count Dracula. He’s a serial blood drinker who dubs his victims Bloody Mary. He hides in shadows, comes out at midnight and hovers outside first floor bedroom windows. At night, he’s been known to whisper, “Come out, come out wherever you are.” He wasContinue reading “Psycho Secrets: Terence Tourette Tucker”

Psycho Secrets: Sam Syko

In the rooms of an asylum, there are secrets stashed in closets and under patients’ beds. They whimper and whine; wanting to break free… where is the key, where is the key? If we don’t find it, we’ll go crazy! Follow me to Sam Syko’s room where we’ll meet an unfortunate lad, whose secret youContinue reading “Psycho Secrets: Sam Syko”

Blood Bunny Event: Winner Announcement

Sink your incisors into the nearest carrot and let’s celebrate the Blood Bunny event winner—oglach. The task was not easy: locate 100% of the eggs inside the event post, then leave comment stating your final tally. Everyone who successfully counted all the eggs was eligible to win a $30 gift card.   A very bloodyContinue reading “Blood Bunny Event: Winner Announcement”

Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle

CONGRATS TO Na trioblóidí WHO WON THE EASTER EGG HUNT! THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS! Did you know there’s a holiday that takes place after Easter, when all the leftover eggs that haven’t been found, are left rotting in the fields? That distinct, pungent aroma attracts all monsters from milesContinue reading “Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle”

Six Word Story: The Scared Ghost…

 The scared ghost hates your mirror. (FlyTrapMan & Poet Rummager) Screaming is a high level orgasm. (SheldonK2014) Winged Ssssnakes were once thought beautiful. Hiss of Ghost or Sssnake, PANIC! (SayWhatUMean2Say) Trapped ghosts escape from cracked mirrors. (Poet Rummager) While you weep, your reflection sneers. (Na triobloidi) Spectral mirrors are known to shatter. (FlyTrapMan) You lie,Continue reading “Six Word Story: The Scared Ghost…”

Something Lurks In The Grass!

  Monsters are all around us. Some are tiny. Some are big. But there’s one thing these monsters have in common—they’re real! You don’t need to scour the creative dimensions to discover horrific entities. Six-legged abominations live in the same world as you do. Let’s magnify a creepy-crawly’s reality and ask ourselves: what is that?Continue reading “Something Lurks In The Grass!”

Will You Be My Killingtine?

  Roses are red…violets are blue…I like blood and so do you! That special day is here—the time of year when love birds exchange boxes of chocolates or romantic pieces of cardboard, because nothing says ‘I love you’, like a holiday themed card from the grocery store. Two horrifically frisky stories stain this killingtine: aContinue reading “Will You Be My Killingtine?”

Humpty Dumpty Hung On A Wall…

Humpty Dumpty hung on a wall, Humpty Dumpty broke the law. The mourners gathered all the king’s nooses Waited until he said amen How many people did Humpty Dumpty kill? The number equaled ten. Mother Ghoul invites you to create your own horror nursery rhyme using Humpty Dumpty’s first stanza:   “Humpty Dumpty sat onContinue reading “Humpty Dumpty Hung On A Wall…”

Little Miss Muffet…Died On A Tuffet…

Little Miss Muffet, Died on a tuffet, She couldn’t eat curds and whey; Some people say it was a spider, Who put fangs inside her, And forever took Miss Muffet away.  (FlyTrapMan) Little Miss Muffet decided to rough it and camped in the woods all alone. In the dark of the night She had aContinue reading “Little Miss Muffet…Died On A Tuffet…”

Like Cake

With his tail, he wrapped her bosom and pulled her close. Like cake, she was moist. (Poet Rummager) Lust is the flavor of his red triangle tail. No added sugar.  (FlyTrapMan) A red velvet room – ravenous diners waiting. “Give us angel food.” (Na triobloidi) Fanged apparition – punctures moonlit tender skin. Warm, liquid crimson.Continue reading “Like Cake”