No One Else Around

  Lovely girl of six with hair of gold and face of innocence. I felt a bump in my blanket – a lump unmoving and steadfast. It was her doll – face contorted, clothes in pieces, limbs dismembered. I would find it in my room for the next three nights. No matter if I hidContinue reading “No One Else Around”

Humpty Dumpty Hung On A Wall…

Humpty Dumpty hung on a wall, Humpty Dumpty broke the law. The mourners gathered all the king’s nooses Waited until he said amen How many people did Humpty Dumpty kill? The number equaled ten. Mother Ghoul invites you to create your own horror nursery rhyme using Humpty Dumpty’s first stanza:   “Humpty Dumpty sat onContinue reading “Humpty Dumpty Hung On A Wall…”

Haiku Poems – Howling through Trees

Wind touches my skin, and I shiver as winter unravels my clothes.   I hear souls howling through the trees in search of fruits now out of their reach.   The decaying pelt of once succulent berries – dried and unwanted.   Frigid ice and cold crush and numb this whirling pain – a storm thatContinue reading “Haiku Poems – Howling through Trees”

Get Hexed!

Are you ready to get hexed? Put on your black cloak and desecrate those heathen walls! Spellbind and charm eyeballs with works of art, or unmentionable dark creations. Impale four tacks inside the body of a poster. Hang ’em high—frame hand drawn illustrations customized to your desire. Haunt your loved ones! Send your grandmother anContinue reading “Get Hexed!”

Like Cake

With his tail, he wrapped her bosom and pulled her close. Like cake, she was moist. (Poet Rummager) Lust is the flavor of his red triangle tail. No added sugar.  (FlyTrapMan) A red velvet room – ravenous diners waiting. “Give us angel food.” (Na triobloidi) Fanged apparition – punctures moonlit tender skin. Warm, liquid crimson.Continue reading “Like Cake”

Horror Carol: O Deathmas Tree / Merry Christmas, Darling

🎶 🎶🔫 💣 🔪 🗡🎶 🎶 O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leaves are so bloody. O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leaves are so bloody. 🎶 🎶🔫 💣 🔪 🗡🎶 🎶 Not only red when a dead body is here, especially when it’s knifed and speared. O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leavesContinue reading “Horror Carol: O Deathmas Tree / Merry Christmas, Darling”

The Ugliest Ugly Sweater

A snowflake splatters against a frosted window as someone spins on their toes, then turns on the radio. “…It’s a winter wonder land, baby, oh, yeah, it’s so cold outside…frightful…” Muffled words squeeze through a closed door. “Hey Bud! The party is about to start! Get your sweater on and let’s go sip some peppermint SchnappsContinue reading “The Ugliest Ugly Sweater”

Tongues of Hell

Illustration by Poet Rummager   Darkers speak in tongues of hell. (Sheldon Kleeman) Burning words sear my heathen heart. (Poet Rummager) Incinerate your desire to dispel illusions.  (FlyTrapMan) Thrust my blade into your darkness.  (Twisted Roads of Madness) The wages of sin is death.  (Na trioblóidí) Shadows unleashed. Comes, the forgotten dead. (Monochrome Nightmares) TheContinue reading “Tongues of Hell”

Everyday Horror: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Die

Imagine you’re sitting on a rock. A vast expanse of water drowns the horizon. Warm sunshine embraces you. It’s the perfect day…and…then… A great white shark explodes out of the water and bites you in half! What? Sharks have to eat, right? Wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no worse horror than an unexpected death.Continue reading “Everyday Horror: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Die”


  He felt the drops plunk down on his nose. Of course, the rain would find his huge schnoz first! Her hand was grabbed as they dashed towards the widest tree in the forest. They laughed; taking shelter under its leafy canopy. He rustled through the backpack’s contents until two emergency blankets were discovered. Crinkly noises were heardContinue reading “Hungry”