Demon Eyes

Window to abyss Visions of depravity, Blinding evilness. (Karina Pinella) You cannot see me. Burning perpetual stare. I don’t need to blink. (FlyTrapMan) Look into my soul. See the dark; it fills a hole. Emptiness that’s full. (Poet Rummager) Adjust my glasses and really see the true you. Easy with no skin. (Words and Feathers) VisionsContinue reading “Demon Eyes”

Fifty Words Story Collaboration: An Impossible Rescue

There it was again, a faint cry for help. Sebastian raced down the path of trees towards the cemetery. He stopped at a tombstone. With his front paws, he began digging in the dirt. Below, Diane’s soul cried out as she was pulled deeper into the depths of Hell. Eventually, Nancy caught up with herContinue reading “Fifty Words Story Collaboration: An Impossible Rescue”

Nowhere In Particular

The road never ends. All I can do is stick my thumb out and hope a stupid bastard stops. Most don’t. And the people who do stop, well…I’m positive they’ll never do that again. Yup. It’s true. A red station wagon rattles down the dusty road. I extend my thumb as the station wagon driftsContinue reading “Nowhere In Particular”

Mr. Bonez…Had A Nightmare!

    Mr. Bonez fell asleep while reading a spell-book, and then woke to discover he’s living inside a nightmare! Characters of horrific lore inhabit a vacant cranium—are they real? Or just a figment of a dead man’s imagination? Film By

Mother Ghoul’s Nursery Rhymes: Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill to make whoopie in a barn. Jack heard licking sounds and found a vampire sucking a goat. Frustrated fangs tore into his throat. Now, Jack is hungry and chasing Jill around. Uh, oh—Jill fell down! Mother Ghoul invites you to make your own horror nursery rhyme using JackContinue reading “Mother Ghoul’s Nursery Rhymes: Jack & Jill”

Fifty Words Story Collaboration: A Great Fall

He felt dizzy and fell hard; his head bleeding profusely. Running to him, she, too, tumbled. Her arm snapped, and she screamed. She crawled painfully to him. “Are you okay, Jack?” He winced. “There’s something wrong with the well water, Jill. I feel sick. Tell everyone not to drink it.” “Oh, Jack,” Jill bawled fromContinue reading “Fifty Words Story Collaboration: A Great Fall”

Fifty Words Story Collaboration: In the Distance

I saw it there in the distance. A streak of luminescence in an otherwise dismal world. I  hungered for it; staring unblinking. It moved closer—that brilliant glow. Holding out my hand, I touched the edge of his collar. It was then I realized, the light came from his soul. Our eyes met, and as hisContinue reading “Fifty Words Story Collaboration: In the Distance”

50 Words Story Collaboration: Jerome

  She had a long day at work and couldn’t wait to go home and just look into Jerome’s eyes. She smiled, entering the apartment. “Honey, I’m home!” She walked over to a cupboard and took out a jar. She stared into it, and Jerome’s eyeballs, suspended in formaldehyde, stared back. Three Days Earlier  Continue reading “50 Words Story Collaboration: Jerome”

On Par

Was she staring at him? Feeling panicked, he hastily pulled on his jacket. He could feel the skin on his arms shrink from the fabric. I have no other choice, he thought, trying to reason. She may be watching. She may tell others. They would crowd around, mock and gesture, and then I? I wouldContinue reading “On Par”

The Darkest Corner

  There’s always a world inside you Secret layers of Passion, desires, selfishness. The world you might never be able To live in, but It lives within you. The cavernous void Of surreptitious serendipity Of finding fault in everyone. The secret yearning, abhorrence Which are afraid to surface To the upper strata of mind. AllContinue reading “The Darkest Corner”