SMM Event: Write a Limerick

Congratulations to  !!! Kristi !!!  She won Eilidh’s Tomato Witch print. Some days are serious and call for decorum. Well, that ain’t happening at SMM this weekend, so go right ahead and throw all that classiness out the window—it’s time to get wacky and maybe a tad obnoxious, too! Pour out all the goofiness from your pores…let itContinue reading “SMM Event: Write a Limerick”

Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle

CONGRATS TO Na trioblóidí WHO WON THE EASTER EGG HUNT! THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS! Did you know there’s a holiday that takes place after Easter, when all the leftover eggs that haven’t been found, are left rotting in the fields? That distinct, pungent aroma attracts all monsters from milesContinue reading “Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle”


  Her dark soul did depart. Climbing toward heaven it tumbled and fell and quietly arrived in a town called hell. And their flesh is burning, and the dead keep dying, pleading for an end, but Lucifer is lying. Wretched faces embedded upon spikes of old. Their wicked past, to the highest bidder sold. WeepingContinue reading “Damned”


  My frail mind, lost in a thought, of something else, somewhere other than here, not this darkness, not soaked in your blood, a time where you smiled, when you saw me, how we craved each other, setting our sins ablaze, burning the world together, but then you changed, you became someone else, and itContinue reading “Submit”

Let it Go

Straight to the top  roll up the stone.  Steady, watch your feet  as you flow on this road.   Heavy not too heavy – throw down the stone.   Breathe and release  as it goes; let it go.   Shy is your heart but bold be your soul. What you feel is relief. Now soar intoContinue reading “Let it Go”

Fifty Words Story Collaboration: In the Distance

I saw it there in the distance. A streak of luminescence in an otherwise dismal world. I  hungered for it; staring unblinking. It moved closer—that brilliant glow. Holding out my hand, I touched the edge of his collar. It was then I realized, the light came from his soul. Our eyes met, and as hisContinue reading “Fifty Words Story Collaboration: In the Distance”

Reminder On The Wall

I wonder what they’ll see when I’m dead. The grains of time will erase me and leave nothing but bones. Ribs—hollow. Eyes—black. Hair—gone. Hands shackled. Ankles slanted. Toes pointed. Whoever finds me will discover a deceased reflection of what’s inside us all. Written By Grab a knife and stick a pumpkin! Enter into SMM 2016 Carve YourContinue reading “Reminder On The Wall”

The Darkest Corner

  There’s always a world inside you Secret layers of Passion, desires, selfishness. The world you might never be able To live in, but It lives within you. The cavernous void Of surreptitious serendipity Of finding fault in everyone. The secret yearning, abhorrence Which are afraid to surface To the upper strata of mind. AllContinue reading “The Darkest Corner”

Can You Get Over Me?

Put daggers in my heart and twist knives into my spine, rip my skin away from the flesh, and drain my blood, drop by drop. Cut me into two halves, and then cut those halves further. Take my eyes away. Discard them on your way home. Roast my flesh in a fiery rage. Fill my soul withContinue reading “Can You Get Over Me?”

Take This Light And Find The Horror Inside You

  Everyone is capable of horror—even you. Awaken your fear. Everyone is like horrific snowflakes. Some people are repelled by blood, or deep water. A few kids are afraid of the things that slither underneath their bed. Not everyone who owns a nightlight wants to banish the dark…they just want to know where the monstersContinue reading “Take This Light And Find The Horror Inside You”