Cassandra’s Ashes

  The sorcerer took one final look at the ingredients in the black pot in front of him. He only doubted himself for a moment before turning to stare at the corpse of his lover lying naked on the sofa behind him. His main specialty was necromancy. It was a gift he had never feltContinue reading “Cassandra’s Ashes”



  I returned home in darkness My long journey behind me Home at last Cold and dusty from the road I found my home dark Void of the love I longed for A cold welcome upon early arrival Yet a light burned in my loves window Silently I ascended To the abode of my darling RevelingContinue reading “Betrayal”

Haiku Event: Devil Robot

Before we start our new event, congratulations to !!! Ivor: Plumber/Poet !!!  He won Carrie’s Jason Mask Sculpture. Flip the switch and fire up your electrical brain. Wait. hold on. You gotta give the wires time to warm up first, or there’s a high risk of blowing a fuse, and no one likes that….unless you’re theContinue reading “Haiku Event: Devil Robot”

Psycho Secrets: Certified Crazy People

Did you eat those pretty shapes? It’s okay. Neither did I. The hallucinations will begin to sparkle in a few minutes; that way we’ll be on our best behavior. You visited a few of the patients around here, but there are many, many, many, many more. Trust me. Do you remember the patients’ riddles? Sam Syko’sContinue reading “Psycho Secrets: Certified Crazy People”

Psycho Secrets: Looney Lucy

Shhh…come a little closer. Okay. Stop. You’re not supposed to get too close, or bad things may happen. They say it’s all in my head. The people wearing the white coats feed me these pretty, little shapes. But they never work. Is any of this real? Hold on…let me pinch you, just to make sure.Continue reading “Psycho Secrets: Looney Lucy”

Psycho Secrets: Terence Tourette Tucker

A man with filed incisors who claims to be a direct descendant of Count Dracula. He’s a serial blood drinker who dubs his victims Bloody Mary. He hides in shadows, comes out at midnight and hovers outside first floor bedroom windows. At night, he’s been known to whisper, “Come out, come out wherever you are.” He wasContinue reading “Psycho Secrets: Terence Tourette Tucker”

Psycho Secrets: Sam Syko

In the rooms of an asylum, there are secrets stashed in closets and under patients’ beds. They whimper and whine; wanting to break free… where is the key, where is the key? If we don’t find it, we’ll go crazy! Follow me to Sam Syko’s room where we’ll meet an unfortunate lad, whose secret youContinue reading “Psycho Secrets: Sam Syko”

Recruiting all Monsters and Slashers

Is that a tail in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? SlasherMonsterMagazine promotes horrific submissions, works of art, and a variety of insane-inducing expressions.   Short Stories Poems Art Photographs Articles Lyrics Doodles Designs You’re a monster, so why not let it all hang out?   Any submission that’sContinue reading “Recruiting all Monsters and Slashers”

Blood Bunny Event: Winner Announcement

Sink your incisors into the nearest carrot and let’s celebrate the Blood Bunny event winner—oglach. The task was not easy: locate 100% of the eggs inside the event post, then leave comment stating your final tally. Everyone who successfully counted all the eggs was eligible to win a $30 gift card.   A very bloodyContinue reading “Blood Bunny Event: Winner Announcement”

Laura L. Zimmerman: How I Became a Zombie Cheerleader

I think I might be dead. Of course my mom would say I’m silly. She’d assume my complaints were over a boy or cheerleading or something trivial. And sad part is, I can’t even tell her she’s wrong. Because I don’t know what’s wrong. Not exactly. All I do know is that I haven’t hadContinue reading “Laura L. Zimmerman: How I Became a Zombie Cheerleader”