Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle

CONGRATS TO Na trioblóidí WHO WON THE EASTER EGG HUNT! THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS! Did you know there’s a holiday that takes place after Easter, when all the leftover eggs that haven’t been found, are left rotting in the fields? That distinct, pungent aroma attracts all monsters from milesContinue reading “Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle”


Six Word Story: The Scared Ghost…

 The scared ghost hates your mirror. (FlyTrapMan & Poet Rummager) Screaming is a high level orgasm. (SheldonK2014) Winged Ssssnakes were once thought beautiful. Hiss of Ghost or Sssnake, PANIC! (SayWhatUMean2Say) Trapped ghosts escape from cracked mirrors. (Poet Rummager) While you weep, your reflection sneers. (Na triobloidi) Spectral mirrors are known to shatter. (FlyTrapMan) You lie,Continue reading “Six Word Story: The Scared Ghost…”

Lies Behind Your Smile

  What lies behind your smile? Not always sweetness or gentle thoughts. With teeth flashing like a blade of a knife, what you cannot hear in ones furtive mind, saves you from feeling fraught. She speaks with a voice of an angel – with lightness of words tucked in feathers of wings. Yet look closelyContinue reading “Lies Behind Your Smile”

Dark Fiction: Women Love Bad Guys

  Any pub in some dirty corners near Liverpool Street, where yuppies and tourists cannot see. That’s where she is. Stale beer and dust on the window. She is alone. Her long fingers run on the brim of her glass as people move slowly in the dark. Their steps are quiet on the thick burgundyContinue reading “Dark Fiction: Women Love Bad Guys”

Slasher Theory: The Will To Kill

  A slasher’s greatest motivation is the will to kill. Without the desire to pluck victims from the garden of life—a slasher is simply an inert individual. Many kids or adults are bullied everyday, but how many people cultivate the ability to retaliate with a deadly counterattack? Some people implode inward when faced with constantContinue reading “Slasher Theory: The Will To Kill”

Will You Be My Killingtine?

  Roses are red…violets are blue…I like blood and so do you! That special day is here—the time of year when love birds exchange boxes of chocolates or romantic pieces of cardboard, because nothing says ‘I love you’, like a holiday themed card from the grocery store. Two horrifically frisky stories stain this killingtine: aContinue reading “Will You Be My Killingtine?”

Winter Laments

Cabot downs the Scotch and welcomes its potency. The alcohol makes a soothing trail from his tongue, trickles like a warm river down his throat, and wraps around his innards like a searing bandage. This broken heart would take time to mend but for now, he’ll use whatever he can to numb the pain. TheContinue reading “Winter Laments”

Horror Carol: O Deathmas Tree / Merry Christmas, Darling

🎶 🎶🔫 💣 🔪 🗡🎶 🎶 O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leaves are so bloody. O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leaves are so bloody. 🎶 🎶🔫 💣 🔪 🗡🎶 🎶 Not only red when a dead body is here, especially when it’s knifed and speared. O Deathmas tree! O Deathmas tree! Thy leavesContinue reading “Horror Carol: O Deathmas Tree / Merry Christmas, Darling”

The Ugliest Ugly Sweater

A snowflake splatters against a frosted window as someone spins on their toes, then turns on the radio. “…It’s a winter wonder land, baby, oh, yeah, it’s so cold outside…frightful…” Muffled words squeeze through a closed door. “Hey Bud! The party is about to start! Get your sweater on and let’s go sip some peppermint SchnappsContinue reading “The Ugliest Ugly Sweater”

Everyday Horror: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Die

Imagine you’re sitting on a rock. A vast expanse of water drowns the horizon. Warm sunshine embraces you. It’s the perfect day…and…then… A great white shark explodes out of the water and bites you in half! What? Sharks have to eat, right? Wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no worse horror than an unexpected death.Continue reading “Everyday Horror: It’s All Fun And Games Until You Die”