You Choose The Horror!!!

Raise your hand if you like horror. Oh. Excuse me. I didn’t see that your hand was severed! It’s okay, just feed me a topic and I’ll unleash the hounds of horror upon the unsuspecting victims who dare to read such a dark tale about…well…did you decide yet?   Think of something scary. Really scary.Continue reading “You Choose The Horror!!!”


Fifty-Word Story: Getting Dark

I awake. My head’s pounding. She’s sobbing. “I’m s-s-sorry.” I can’t see her, but she sounds distraught. I try to reassure her, but my head hurts. “No one leaves me!” She screams. My pillow’s saturated in blood. Sandra trembles in the corner as she holds my gun. It’s getting dark.   Written By !!** ClickContinue reading “Fifty-Word Story: Getting Dark”

Fighting With the Devil

Juan goes to church, because he sees the devil in his dreams.  He wakes up in the middle of the night with sweat streaming down his body. “I don’t know why Satan don’t let go of me,” Juan wails on his hands and knees.  Father Mallory motions for him to get up.  “What do I do,Continue reading “Fighting With the Devil”

Recruiting all Monsters and Slashers

Is that a tail in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? SlasherMonsterMagazine promotes horrific submissions, works of art, and a variety of insane-inducing expressions.   Short Stories Poems Art Photographs Articles Lyrics Doodles Designs You’re a monster, so why not let it all hang out?   Any submission that’sContinue reading “Recruiting all Monsters and Slashers”

Laura L. Zimmerman: How I Became a Zombie Cheerleader

I think I might be dead. Of course my mom would say I’m silly. She’d assume my complaints were over a boy or cheerleading or something trivial. And sad part is, I can’t even tell her she’s wrong. Because I don’t know what’s wrong. Not exactly. All I do know is that I haven’t hadContinue reading “Laura L. Zimmerman: How I Became a Zombie Cheerleader”

Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle

CONGRATS TO Na trioblóidí WHO WON THE EASTER EGG HUNT! THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS! Did you know there’s a holiday that takes place after Easter, when all the leftover eggs that haven’t been found, are left rotting in the fields? That distinct, pungent aroma attracts all monsters from milesContinue reading “Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle”

Dark Fiction: Women Love Bad Guys

  Any pub in some dirty corners near Liverpool Street, where yuppies and tourists cannot see. That’s where she is. Stale beer and dust on the window. She is alone. Her long fingers run on the brim of her glass as people move slowly in the dark. Their steps are quiet on the thick burgundyContinue reading “Dark Fiction: Women Love Bad Guys”

Monster House

Above, with the great help from FlyTrapMan’s slideshow, are only some of the monsters that live in my house. I love finding them in my bookshelves, peering from trunks, and scratching in the corners. The poem below, appears in my book, Dark Matter, which also features four scary tales from Fly. To download my books,Continue reading “Monster House”

Slasher Theory: The Will To Kill

  A slasher’s greatest motivation is the will to kill. Without the desire to pluck victims from the garden of life—a slasher is simply an inert individual. Many kids or adults are bullied everyday, but how many people cultivate the ability to retaliate with a deadly counterattack? Some people implode inward when faced with constantContinue reading “Slasher Theory: The Will To Kill”

Will You Be My Killingtine?

  Roses are red…violets are blue…I like blood and so do you! That special day is here—the time of year when love birds exchange boxes of chocolates or romantic pieces of cardboard, because nothing says ‘I love you’, like a holiday themed card from the grocery store. Two horrifically frisky stories stain this killingtine: aContinue reading “Will You Be My Killingtine?”