Fifty Words Story Collaboration: Ripped

  “Don’t try my patience, Henrik, we agreed when this all started that we would be as one; the aim the same, and they would all pay,” she says, through blood stained teeth; spit flies from her mouth. It lands on the ground before her; seeping into the brown clay of the earth. Words still tryContinue reading “Fifty Words Story Collaboration: Ripped”


Fifty Words Story Collaboration: The Collector

Sebastian fussed over his collection of antique bottles. He arranged them on shelves that rose from floor to ceiling, in the room. The only illumination was from a hanging chandelier in the center. The bottles were comprised of various materials from all over the world and across human history. Unbroken clay pots from Mesopotamia hulkedContinue reading “Fifty Words Story Collaboration: The Collector”

50 Words Story Collaboration: Jerome

  She had a long day at work and couldn’t wait to go home and just look into Jerome’s eyes. She smiled, entering the apartment. “Honey, I’m home!” She walked over to a cupboard and took out a jar. She stared into it, and Jerome’s eyeballs, suspended in formaldehyde, stared back. Three Days Earlier  Continue reading “50 Words Story Collaboration: Jerome”

Boiled Alive

  I know they’re hungry, but I’m poison to the soul. I’ll irritate any bowel and corrupt all vitality. They lick their lips. Impatience will never boil water. They light the fire. I sit and bask—my arms rest upon the warm black pot. They whisper to each other as bubbles pop and splatter my broth.Continue reading “Boiled Alive”

Graveyard Shift

Since working at the morgue, Elmer has learned to appreciate the dead. He looks at the clock and sighs. A few more hours until he can call it dawn.   “Okay, your move,” he says to the poker-faced corpse propped on a seat across from him, with a chessboard between them.   “Do you reallyContinue reading “Graveyard Shift”

Grime Street: Shadow Lady (Episode 3)

  Wade’s finger is on the trigger. Sinorita is about to go bang. Dirty Desmond checks into the nearest men’s room while someone…or something…lounges in the darkness. Wade has the shadow lady in his sights! Stay tuned and find out if his aim is true.

Grime Street: Hellmouth Lounge (Episode 2)

  Wade Hackette travels southbound toward the devilish Hellmouth Lounge. Sinorita is locked ‘n loaded and ready to go off. Sammie Redding gave the orders to kill. Something is written on a piece of paper. Follow Wade as he journeys into Grime Street’s local hellhole.

Friday Fright at Frank’s

Story By Karina Pinella   The fridge is empty; the oven is cold. Looks like no one is making dinner tonight. Brad decides to go to his friend’s house next door. Brad’s been known to drop by Frank’s house at odd hours. He rings the doorbell, but no one answers. He knocks on the door,Continue reading “Friday Fright at Frank’s”

Yon Side of the Canes

Story By Mary Cathleen Clark Sheriff Tackey drove by awhile ago, eyed me sitting out here on the front porch, drinking, watching the sun going down. I saluted him with Mr. Wild Turkey and yelled out a “howdy”. He acted all casual-like, pretended he didn’t see me. But I knew he did. He’s been watchingContinue reading “Yon Side of the Canes”


Story By Robert Emmet   Megan was an ugly girl. She knew this, because everyone told her so. Even her mother. “You’ve a crooked nose, a chin like a frog’s arse; no man will ever want to take you as a wife. But you have other talents. You do well in school; if you applyContinue reading “Woodbine”